Dunkin' Donuts

Case Study #52
HandPunch Sweetens Bottom Line at Dunkin’ Donuts
HandPunch® Provides Payback in Couple
Months; Automates Time Recording;
Controls Labor Costs
“Since biometric timekeeping takes less time and lets
us reduce one position, we have saved money and got
payback within months.”
- Margaret Hanna, Manager for Alliance Management,
Dunkin Donuts franchisee
Alliance Management (Avanel, NJ), a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee
with 30 stores in Middlesex, Mercer and Cherry Hill counties in
New Jersey, is using HandPunch® biometric readers in 27 of their
stores, with three more pending, to record time and attendance information fromtheir over 300 employees. The HandPunch readers
are automating time recording and controlling labor costs.
Business Need
“We were using timecards but had numerous problems with
them, including employees losing their cards. Plus, our time clocks
were old and had to be replaced,” explain Hanna. “This Dunkin’
Donuts franchise wanted more accurate, automated record keeping and to control laborcosts,” adds Fred Overbeck of Automated
Time Concepts (Glen Head, NY), the integrator. “The stores have
lower-paid employees with a high turnover and were concerned
with buddy-punching, in which one employee clocks in or out for
Industry: Quick Serve
Application: Time & Attendance
Biometric: HandPunch®
Hand Readers: 27
Users: 300
Geography: United States
“The new HandPunch readers have made payroll
much easier.“
- Margaret Hanna, Manager for Alliance Management,
Dunkin Donuts franchisee
“HandPunch readers are the most reliable and easy to use,”
said Overbeck “Fingerscan readers are not consistent, plus the
HandPunch is more tolerant to subtle changes, such as sugar-or
dough-coated hands.”
Insteadof out or punching timecards, employees simply place
their hands on the HandPunch. Employees use the unitstwice a
day, to punch in and out. Store managers edit the punches and
forward pay to the company’s in-house payroll department,
which uses QuickBooks.
Dunkin’ Donuts
Founded in 1946 by William Rosenberg, Dunkin’
Donuts began as a meal and coffee delivery to
customers on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.
In 1948, Rosenberg took the success of this delivery
business and opened his coffee and donut shop
named the “Open Kettle.” Two years later, the name
was changed to Dunkin’ Donuts and has maintained
this familiar brand and consistent taste throughout
the years.
“The new HandPunch readers have made payroll much easier.
Problems we were having with the timecard systems have been
alleviated,” Hanna reports. “The and last thing an employee
does each day is go to the HandPunch. All employees use it,
including administration. “We now get our time sheets and time
reports all on one sheet. The biometric system is much easier to
use. Importantly, we’ve had no complaints or problems with
the readers. We were able to eliminate one employee whose
job it was to gather and review payroll records.”
Today, the company has over 6000 shops in 46
different countries and stands alone as the largest
coffee and donut shop chain. The original Dunkin’
Donuts store still stands in Quincy, Massachusetts,
with its global headquarters in the nearby Canton,
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