1.2 Linear Measure and Precision

1.2 Linear Measure and Precision
- Measure segments and determine accuracy of measurement
- Compute with measures
Line Segment
Is made up of Points Located Between
2 pts called end points
Can be measured
The measure of Segment AB is written as:
(always includes the units)
Smallest unit available on measuring tool
Should be Precise to within .5 unit of measure
What is potential range for AB?
What is potential range for CD?
Congruent Segments
When 2 segments have same measure
A Geometric Statement
* Use tick marks on diagram to show congruence
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Betweenness of points:
Point C is between points A and B if and only if
A, B, and C are collinear and AC+BC=AB
When is C Not Between A and B?
Find ST if T is between S and U, ST = 7x, SU = 45,
and TU = 5x - 3
Draw out pic. Show steps.
Assignment 1.2 Pg 17: 12-40ev, 43-46, 60-72, *56-58 for 1
bonus pt
Please open textbooks to Page 12 and read the
page. Afterword, answer questions 1-4.