How Do I View My Class Schedule?

View your Class Schedule University of Utah Instruc ons: 1. Log in to Campus Informa on Services with your uNID and password: 2. Locate the Registra on box on your Student tab. Click the “View your Class Schedule” link Page 1 2012 by The University of Utah 3. The class schedule page will be displayed NOTE: If you have more than one career ac ve (i.e undergraduate AND non‐credit career) you will be provided the opportunity to select the appropriate career schedule to view.  Weekly Calendar View: To view the schedule in a weekly format, click the “Weekly Calendar View”  Sec on: Click the sec on number to view addi onal details for the class  Room: Click on the room assignment for the loca on of the building on the campus map.  Instructor: Click on the instructor’s name for their contact info, class info, student feedback, and/or class syllabus.  Deadlines: To view the drop or withdraw deadline for regular, 1st half or 2nd half courses click on the icon under the “Deadline” heading.  Printer Friendly Page: To print the schedule, click the “Printer Friendly Page” link at the bo om of the schedule.  Textbooks: To view or order your textbooks click the “Buy Your Textbooks” link located at the bo om of the schedule. Instructor, Far Page 2 2012 by The University of Utah