Information to Keep Handy from Back to School Night

Handy Information from Back to School Night
Mr. Parker-6th grade Math and 7th and 8th grade Computers
Rm. 110 and 111, [email protected]
Phone: 277-2699 Contact hours: 7:45 – 7:55 and 2:35 pm – 3:45pm
WELCOME TO Holcomb Middle School’s Back to School Night!
In middle school Math and Computers, we are covering many interesting and exciting topics.
It’s great that you are getting involved in your son or daughters education. By getting involved
in your child’s education, you can not only help your son or daughter to succeed, but you may
also enjoy learning new material yourself. And why not? The more we know about the world
around us, the more fascinating it becomes.
I have an open door policy! You are welcome to visit our class anytime!
I base my classroom rules and expectations on a set of rules called the Essential 55. It’s a
book written by Ron Clark. If you would like more information on his book, or the 55 rules
please let me know.
6th Grade Behavior Expectations
* Treat everyone with respect
* Be prepared with work and materials
* Be responsible for work and actions
* Work must be quality in content and appearance
* Follow all rules as stated in the HMS Handbook
**** These are five basic sixth grade rules that all students will be held accountable to. ****
Class procedures/ expectations for my students
You will be on time for my class.
When you enter or leave my classroom, you will do so in a quiet manner.
When you enter my classroom, find your seat, and begin working on your board work
Always bring your library book to class in case there is time for A.R. You will not be allowed
to go back to your locker after the tardy bell rings.
We will try to do all our work in class.
If you miss class for any reason, it’s your responsibility to come talk to me about the work
you missed.
Homework Policy- we try to finish our work during class. Your child will rarely have homework for my
classes. My reason for little or no homework is I want to be able to help my students with questions they
might have on their assignments.
***Students are required to maintain at least a 75% (C) or above for their overall class average or they
will receive a progress report. If a student receives a progress report, math club will be recommended
to help them raise their grade.
If a student receives a zero for work not done, the principal and parent will be notified. Either LIP (Lunch
Intervention Program) or HIP will be assigned. ***
73 – 76C
93 – 99A
70 – 72C90 – 92A68 – 69D+
87 – 89 B+
66 – 67D
83 – 86B
D80 – 82B0 – 64 F
77 – 79C+
Homework and quizzes=40% of students grade
Tests= 60% of students grade
Website- I use my classroom website as a way to communicate important information. On our
classroom site you will find the upcoming assignments in math and computers. There is also a weekly
blog where I post important upcoming classroom information. Please check out of site to keep up to
date on what is going on in class. You can access our classroom website through the district website at .
Champions Math Club- Beginning 8/29/11, students will have the opportunity to attend our morning
math club. This is a chance for students to come in and receive extra help on their math. It is not
mandatory that your child attends, just another option to help them succeed in math!
New Math seriesWe have new textbooks this year. We will be using the Holt Mathematics Course 1 textbook. Students
can access their textbooks online at . Students have been given log-ins and
passwords in class and can access their textbooks from home. It will be recommended that each
student use the online textbook at home if they have access to a computer. This will keep our textbooks
in good condition. If a student does not have access to a computer at home, they will be allowed to
check out a book from me after school.
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to come visit our school tonight. I look forward to
talking with each of you in the months ahead. Educating children is very much a partnership; please
get involved with your child's education. Together we can help your child achieve success!
Thank you,
Mr. Parker
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” -- John Dewey