Major Works Data Sheet

Major Works Data Sheet
Period: ______ Date Due: ____________
100 points Answer each section as completely as possible. This is a study guide for you, so be accurate
Biographical information about the author:
Title: _____________________________________________
Author: __________________________________________
DOB : __________________________________________
Date of Publication: _______________
Genre: _________________________________________
Setting: describe both the setting and its significance.
List and describe three significant examples: either one setting (3 examples) or three different settings.
Plot summary: Summarize entire plot-use bullet points
Major Works Data Sheet
Describe the author’s style. How is it different
or unique? What techniques set it apart from
Page 2
Identify an example passage that demonstrates the style. Explain the example if necessary.
(Include a page/scene/line number):
Significant Quotes (Choose at least five and include page numbers and justification for picking them. Quotes should
demonstrate the range of the entire work.)
Major Works Data Sheet
Page 3
8 – 10 Significant Characters
Role in the story
2-3 Adjectives
Major Works Data Sheet
Page 4
Significant Literary Devices that contribute to the themes of the work (List and explain 5; include page numbers)
Themes (List five universal statements/sentences that the work conveys. Be specific)
You must explain how each theme relates to work as a whole
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