Learning Notes for Major Works in AP English Literature and

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Learning Notes for Major Works (to save for AP English Literature and Composition)
Significant details about the author:
Genre (general and specific), with textual support and explanation as proof:
Literary Period and applications to this particular work:
Storyline: Plot points/synopsis (use bullet points, flow chart, or other method of organization and
Writing Devices and Literary Techniques:
Narrative style and text structure (chapters? Other divisions?) and significance to the work’s purpose:
Setting and significance to the work’s purpose:
Dominant and repeating tropes (especially metaphor, symbol, and motif) or literary elements and their significance to the work as a whole (cite
and quote multiple examples of each):
Name of Character
Relationship to Others
Function in plot
Thematic claims made by the work: these claims explain human behavior and its effects in the particular instance of the work’s
specific setting and characters, but always relates to a more general understanding of human behavior.
Significant Passages:
Passage and Page #:
Explain its situational significance and
its significance to the work as a whole: