AP 12th Grade English Literatu

2015/2016 AP Literature and Composition Summer
Reading Assignment (12th Grade)
Gulfport High School
All Advanced Placed Senior English students should be prepared to find and
read TWO texts over the summer:
1. How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster
2. Your choice of ONE of the following three books:
a. Their Eyes Were Watching God by: Zora Neale Hurston
b. The Grapes of Wrath by: John Steinbeck
c. Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
Each student is responsible for completing THREE assignments over the
summer (Even if you don’t have English until Second Semester, your summer
work is DUE when school starts in AUGUST).
Assignment 1:
You will create a student profile to assist teachers and counselors with
your college application process.
Directions: On the Gulfport High School website, you will find a tab for
Students. On the Student page, you will find a link for a Student Profile in
Google File format. Each AP and Accelerated Senior English student is
responsible for completing this student profile BEFORE returning to school in
the fall. This profile will be set up to help each of you when applying for college
and scholarships in the fall. Every student is responsible for completing this
form accurately and in its entirety.
Assignment 2:
This assignment will correspond with the required reading of Foster’s
book, How to Read Literature like a Professor.
Directions: Read the book before reading the other book. You will turn in a
journal to go along with this reading. In your journal notebook, you will
completely answer the journal questions which go along with each chapter of
the text. Your answers should be in-depth, specific, and detailed, not
superficial. Your questions are attached.
Assignment 3:
In order to complete this assignment, you must choose one of the three
works listed above. You are responsible for reading the work of Literature, and
you must complete the summer reading assignment below. You will also have a
writing assignment and quiz on the work when classes begin in August. Please
make sure to read the work ON YOUR OWN, and do not rely on any other work
besides what you choose (i.e. the movie, SparkNotes, etc.).
Directions: Complete a Major Works Detail Sheet. Each Detail Sheet must
contain the following categories. The way you put this information together is
totally up to you (Chart, Typed, Handwritten, Journal, etc).
These are the areas that should be covered for each work.
1. Historical information
2. Biographical information
3. Characteristics of the genre
4. Plot summary
5. Author’s style of writing with examples
6. Memorable quotes (at least 12 quotes from all parts of the novel) Include
page numbers for all quotes and be sure to include reasoning, explanation, etc.
7. Characters and significance
8. Setting
9. Symbols (At least five)
10. Themes (At least two)
11. Significance of the opening scene/event
12. Significance of the closing scene/event
This concludes the information on summer assignments. If you have any
questions, feel free to email either Mrs. Whitworth or Mrs. Gunkel for more
information. Make sure each assignment you turn in is YOUR OWN and not
the same as a classmate’s. Plagiarism on any of these assignments is
unacceptable as well, and both copying and plagiarism will result in a zero for
each assignment. The student will also have to do a new assignment chosen by
the teacher. Feel free to read reviews of these works when choosing your
optional work. I look forward to teaching each of you next year! Have a great
Good Luck! See You all Soon!