Act II: Cooperative Learning Activities
1. Nine Episodes
A great deal happens in Scene 2. You will find that a new action
begins at the following lines:1, 45, 98, 185, 235, 329, 379, 544, and
555. Use these lines to identify the separate events in the scene and
write a single sentence about each. Choose one line from each section
that you think best expresses the dramatic action. Use your chosen
lines to create a very short enactment of the whole scene. Use your
sentences to create a summary.
2. Emotional Range
Hamlet appears in line 185 in Scene 2. Follow him through the
scene and list ten words to show the range of emotions he
experiences. Link each of your “mood” words to a line from the
scene. Draw a chart or graph to portray Hamlet’s mood swings.
3. Catastrophe!
Imagine all of Shakespeare’s work was lost, except two lines from
Act II. Which two lines would you hope were saved and explain
why in 100 words.
4. Allusions
There are many references to classical drama and mythology.
Explain the references made.
5. Sincerely, King of Norway
The King of Norway has sent King Claudius a formal letter. Among
other things it asks for safe passage through Denmark for young
Fortinbras’ army as it marches to invade Poland. Write the letter.
(Refer to lines 64-84)