Literature Circles (The Outsiders chapter 2)
Directions: First read your assigned chapter silently (15 minutes).
Group members:______________
__________________ _________________________
Next, assign one role per group member. Here are today’s assignments for each
1. Discussion Director- A dichotomy is two opposing/ contrasting ideas in
literature (i.e. good vs. evil). List ten dichotomies from these chapters.
2. Word Wizard- Write song lyrics about a theme from these chapters (two
versus and one chorus) Any genre of music is okay. Use five vocabulary
words from today’s reading.
3. Capable Connector- If you were to film this movie today, who would the actors
be? How about the director, etc.? Plan out a proposal for a new movie.
4. Artful artist- Draw a four-frame storyboard of a scene. Include a brief sketch
for each frame, and one camera angle instruction.
5. Lighter writer- Rewrite one key scene from today’s reading using classappropriate humor. Make your audience laugh.
6. Character commercial- Choose two of today’s characters and place them in a
script for a commercial, selling one of today’s brands (i.e. Gatorade). Stay
consistent to each character’s personality.
7. Spectacular Sculpture- Sculpt a key scene from today’s reading. Be detailed.
Take a photograph and e-mail to [email protected] for credit.
8. POV Perspective- Rewrite a scene from another character’s point of view.
What would change? What would stay the same?