SAS Curriculum Pathways Instructional Guide

SAS Curriculum Pathways Instructional Guide Welcome to SAS Curriculum Pathways. Curriculum Pathways was created by SAS, the world’s largest private software company, to help teachers and students to help reinforce learning. The methods used in this program will help you analyze documents, read maps, and help you learn about topics across the board. This is your instructional guide to help utilize this website. 1. Open a browser (preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) 2. Go to ​ 3. In the top, right hand corner, click on Log­In a. Username: Fairmont b. Password: None (Leave Blank) c. Click Log­In 4. You will be provided with a Quick Link number, or QL#, that you will enter in the top right box. 5. Follow the directions of the assignment provided ­ make sure you read ​
part of the directions carefully ­ they can tell you where the answers will be. If a link is not working, please let me know so I can contact SAS so they can fix the issue at hand.