Clean Power Plan Maze

WFEC Update
October 14, 2014
Graphic highlights bureaucratic
maze of EPA’s Clean Power Plan
(Arlington, Va.) — The National
Rural Electric Cooperative
Association (NRECA) today released
a graphic highlighting the complexity
of regulating the generation of
electricity under the EPA’s proposed
Clean Power Plan.
Click on EPA MAZE for a closer look
at this new graphic. While at this site,
please take action to make your voice
heard in these efforts.
“The EPA’s proposal implements a
convoluted new maze of government
hoops and red tape for consumers,
utility providers, state legislatures
and regulators to decipher,” said
Jo Ann Emerson, NRECA CEO.
“More than any other law on the
books, the EPA’s proposal will dictate
exactly how American families and
businesses use electricity. These
new layers of bureaucratic red tape
jeopardize the ability of electric coops to provide affordable, reliable
electricity to our more than 42
million members across the country.”
The EPA proposal requires every
state to file compliance plans to
achieve specific emissions targets.
As illustrated, state compliance plans
will involve many more regulators,
legislators, and regulated entities
than any other environmental
regulation to date.