TMJH Science Fair Advancers - Treasure Mountain Junior High

Treasure Mountain Junior High School – Advancing Science Fair Projects
Project 74: Are you distracted? - Maximilian, Benjamin
Project 76: The Brain: A Journey to Recovery - Madeline
Project 75: Produce Scanner - Elizabeth
Project 86: Park City School District Computer Survey - Perla
Project 156: Heat vs Pressure - Natalie, Katie
Project 107: Converting Algae into a Working Biodiesel - Lindsay
Project 87: Adaptations - Gracie
Project 88: Adults against Middle School Science. - Giacomo, Paula
Project 116: Temperatures of Explosions - Nicole, Keaton
Project 143: The Dissolution Rates of Various Brands of Ibuprofen - Randy, James
Project 132: Stress on Patellar Tendon – Kendall
Project 108: How Does Fertilizer Amounts Effect Plant Growth - Max
Project 130: The affects of different levels of octane gas on the MPG of a car - Chrissy
Project 109: The Effects of Proteins and Carbohydrates on an Athlete - Maime, Lauren
Project 112: What Affects the Ripening Process of Bananas? - Georgia, Cameron
Project 135: Oops! I crashed the roller coaster. - Sam, Charlie
Project 79: How Do Cats React To Different Bird Calls? - Matthew
Project 149: The Science of a Siphon - Nate
Project 150: Build a Gauss Rifle! - Victor
Project 80: Dog Reactions to Certain High Pitched Noise - Cara
Project 96: How Does Color Paper Effect Reading Comprehension? - Sarah, Katie
Project 97: Music Stimulator - Matthew, Riley
Project 137: Most Efficient Electrical Conductor - Noah
Project 144: Gender variance with lung volume - Conner
Project 138: How do planes appear invisible to radar. - Tandeway
Project 98: Dominant Eye vs. Recessive Eye; which eye better calculates depth
perception? - Ana, Maria
Project 110: How Does Gel Electrophoresis Work? - Maddie
Project 121: Which Orange Juice has the most Vitamin C? - Nathanial, Romain, Florent
Project 82: Effect of crowd noise on Sports teams - Cameron
Project 139: What effects voltage the most? - Warren (Beau)
Project 102: What Do Our Kids Actually Eat? - Sara, Erin
Project 154: Plant Growth and Earthworms. - Sammee, Tressa
Project 103: The Effects of Color on Mood - Makayla, Taylor
Project 104: The Effects Multitasking Has on Performance - Madison
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