STEP ONE: Admission to the College
Contact the Admissions Department for college admission requirements.
STEP TWO: Admissions to the Program
ADVISING: Student will be assigned the code of HLCO, Medical Assisting Interest and will be
advised by the School of Health Sciences Advising Representative until program ready and/or
completion of 15 credit hours. The HLCO student will then be assigned to an MEAS Program
Advisor who will follow the student until completion or transfer. Once the student has been accepted
into the MEAS program, the code of HLCO will be changed to reflect MEAS as their major.
PRE-REQUISITES: Complete pre-requisite requirements.
Any academic skills advancement courses identified by your Accuplacer testing.
Program course pre-requisites.
 HLHS 101 Medical Terminology
 English/Communication 1XX (Prefer ENGL 111)
 APHY 101 Anatomy & Physiology I
 Social Science, Humanities Elective (Prefer PSYCH 101)
 IVY 1XXX – Not a pre-requisite but highly recommended
Medical Assisting Program Admission Application Instructions
MEAS ADVISING: To set up an appointment to meet with your HLCO or MEAS Program
Advisor, students should utilize Ivy Advising within Blackboard. Students may also call Stella
Hettenbach at (812) 429-1494 for scheduling appointments. All HLCO and MEAS students will
be assigned a PIN number each semester for course registration and MUST contact their
Program Advisor for assistance each semester.
____ 1. Complete the application process for admissions to Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. For
information, contact the office of Admissions.
____ 2. Compete all of the First Semester Prerequisites for Medical Assisting Technical Certificate. (See above)
____ 3. Submit the Medical Assisting Application form along with a copy of your unofficial transcript by the
deadline to Administrative Assistant at Plaza Building Room 3409. (Fall Semester March 1st & Spring Semester
October 1st.)
If the application date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the application will be due the Monday immediately following
the application date listed.
It is your responsibility to ensure both Medical Assisting application form and the unofficial transcript are
submitted by the deadline. Pieces of information, will NOT be accepted. The Admissions Committee for the
Medical Assisting Program will review this application only after both pieces are submitted.
Do not contact the Medical Assisting Faculty or Health Sciences Administrative Assistant offices to inquire about
the status of your application after the deadline. You will receive written notification through the mail of your
status on the dates listed below.
Acceptance into the Medical Assisting Program will be based on a “highest” points basis and there is no “cut-off”
that is pre-set for each incoming class. The number of students accepted into the program is based on the number of
externship sites anticipated to be available in the coming year.
Start of MEAS
Application Deadline
Official Verification of
Grades from unofficial
transcript and Medical
Assisting Application
Letters Sent on or before
March 1st
March 31st
April 10th
October 1st
October 31st
November 10th
Applications may be dropped off or mailed to:
Evansville – Region 12
Ivy Tech Community College
Medical Assisting Program
3501 N. First Avenue Plaza Room 3409
Evansville, IN 47710
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Fall Semester March 1st
Spring Semester October 1st
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Banner ID Number
C0 _____________________
Address: ___________________________
Home Phone:
Email Address:
State: _____________ Zip: _____________
Cell Phone:
Please attach your Ivy Tech Community College unofficial transcript. All
prerequisites MUST be completed.
Prerequisites Needed:
ENGL/Communication (Prefer ENGL 111)
HLHS 101 Medical Terminology
APHY 101 Anatomy & Physiology I
Humanistic & Artistic Ways of Knowing or
Social Science/Humanities Elective (Prefer Psych 101)
Applicant Signature _________________________________________________ Date: ___________
For Office Use Only!
Date Received: ______________________
Applicant Response:
Accept: _______________ Decline ________________ Year ___________