Anne Frank Research Paper due Thursday, May 21st
Paper must be typed.
 It must be at least two pages long, NOT including the cover page or the
bibliography/works cited page. Type in no larger than 12 pt. font,
double spaced, with no larger than 1” margins on all sides.
___________ Cover Sheet: 5 points
 Your cover sheet must include your full name, date, TB,
and your topic.
___________ Paper: 80 points
interesting, and makes someone want to keep reading.
The thesis is clear. The conclusion effectively wraps up
the paper.
 ORGANIZATION: Information is in order; it is easy to
follow and understand, with clear transitions from one
paragraph to the next.
 IDEAS: Most important events are covered.
 RESEARCH: The information is accurate (correct
dates, names, etc.).
 Deduction will be taken if paper is not the required
 Deductions will be taken for spelling/punctuation
 No Plagiarism! Use the suggested note method.
Plagiarism will result in you getting a “0”!
___________ Bibliography/Works Cited Page: 15 points
 Grade will be based on having at least two sources, and
you may NOT use Wikipedia.
 Grade will also be based on sources being listed in
alphabetical order, in MLA format.
 Your paper WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED without a
bibliography page. (This means you get a “0”)
Anne Frank Research Paper due Thursday, May 21st
You must choose an approved topic related to Anne Frank:
Hermann, Auguste, and Peter Van Pels
Fritz Pfeffer
Miep Gies
Victor Kugler
The Nuremberg Laws
Restrictions on Jewish-German life in the 1930's
Other groups of people persecuted by Nazis during the Holocaust
The invasion of Holland and the treatment of the Jews in the Netherlands
Amsterdam, Holland -- during World War II
The Resistance movement during World War II
Holocaust rescuers/heroes who helped save people
The liberation of the concentration camps
The Nuremburg Trials
Survival stories of other Holocaust children in hiding
How Anne Frank’s diary was published
How the play The Diary of Anne Frank came into being
Suggested Sources and Websites:
Media Center/Local Library:
Reference Books, Encyclopedias
Non-Fiction Books: Dewey Decimal Numbers 920, 940-949