Ice Age mammals of northern Canada Public Lecture

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PREMIER Sponsors
Grant Zazula is a
paleontologist with
the Government of
Yukon, where he
manages the Yukon
program, focused on
ice age fossils
recovered from placer
gold mines.
Since 2006, Grant along with his wife Victoria
and son Roman, have called Whitehorse
home. When not immersed in mammoth
bones, Grant enjoys playing and coaching
soccer, catching fish in crystal clear icy waters,
and reading superhero comic books.
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About Our Speaker
Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Grant
completed both Bachelor and Master of Arts
degrees at the University of Alberta,
specializing in prehistoric archeology and
paleoecology. In 1999, while working for a
summer with archeologists, geologists and
paleontologists in areas around the village of
Old Crow, above the Arctic Circle, Grant
realized he was more interested in Pleistocene
plants and animals than Pleistocene people.
He therefore ventured off to Simon Fraser
University, where he completed his PhD in
biology with a focus on reconstructing
Pleistocene vegetation communities by using
fossil plant material. His study material came
from arctic ground squirrel nests that had
been preserved in the permafrost and became
exposed at the placer gold mines of the
Klondike region of central Yukon.
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Public Lecture
Mammoths, camels and
lions, oh my!
Ice Age mammals of
northern Canada
Dr. Grant Zazula
Yukon Paleontologist
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
7:00 to 8:00 pm – Battlefords Room
Canada was a vastly different place 20,000 years
ago. While most of the country was buried under
thick sheets of ice, giant woolly mammoth,
lions and camels roamed the unglaciated plains
that stretched from Asia across the Bering Land
Bridge to the far corners of the Yukon. Since
the early days of the Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon
miners have uncovered thousands of bones
and skulls from these long-extinct beasts while
churning through the frozen ground in search of
gold. Scientific study of these fossils is yielding
important insights into the effect of environment
change on ancient mammal populations, probing
the big question of why so many of these ice age
giants are no longer with us today.
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Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2015
Delta Bessborough Hotel
8:50 –
9:10 am
Guoxiang Chi
9:10 –
9:30 am
Morteza Rabiei*,
Guoxiang Chi,
Charles Normand,
William Davis,
Mostafa Fayek
Background hydrodynamic and fluid
P-T-X studies of the Athabasca Basin
and significance for unconformityrelated uranium mineralization
Petrographic, geochronological and
stable isotope studies of the Maw
Zone REE deposit: implications for
potential relationship with
unconformity-related uranium
mineralization in southeastern
Athabasca Basin
9:30 –
9:50 am
Roger Sharpe*,
Jimmy Stephen,
Larry Petrie
9:50 –
10:20 am
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Wednesday – 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
10:20 –
10:40 am
Sean Bosman* and
Paul Ramaekers
Athabasca Group + Martin Group =
Athabasca Supergroup? Results of a
basin-wide stratigraphic compilation
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Monday – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Tuesday – 4:00 pm to 6:45 pm
10:40 –
11:00 am
Alistair McCready*,
Alan Kobussen,
Rachelle Boulanger
Geochronology and geochemistry of
uranium-associated resistate
indicator minerals (URIMs) at
Roughrider: a new-age technique for
age-old problems
11:00 –
11:20 am
Mike Lesher*, Mark
Hannington, Allen
NSERC-CMIC multidisciplinary
mineral exploration research
network: the next generation of
mineral exploration models
11:20 –
11:40 am
Guoxiang Chi, Ken
Multiple generations of albitization in
the Beaverlodge uranium district and
their relationship to uranium
11:40 am
– Noon
Garrett Ainsworth*,
Galen McNamara,
Adam Engdahl
Arrow: a rapidly growing uranium
Noon –
1:45 pm
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Tuesday, December 1 – Battlefords Room
Technical Session 1:
Uranium Geoscience and Exploration
Sponsored by: Golder Associates Ltd.
8:10 –
8:25 am
Welcoming Remarks
8:25 –
8:30 am
Co-chairs: Colin
Card and Sean
Colin Card
Unravelling the exhumation history of
the eastern Hearne craton using a
layered, digital-mapping strategy:
a case study from NTS area 74H
8:30 –
8:50 am
Technical Session 2: Geology and Mineral
Deposits of the Reindeer Zone
Sponsored by: Team Drilling LP
Devon Stuebing*
and Kathryn
Geochemistry of the supracrustal
assemblages of the Pine Lake
greenstone belt, Seabee mine area:
preliminary results and
lithostratigraphic implications
3:30 –
3:50 pm
Anders Carlson*
and Brian
Profitable mining at Seabee allows
for renewed emphasis on exploration
4:00 –
6:45 pm
7:00 –
8:00 pm
William Pascoe Room on the Mezzanine Floor
PUBLIC LECTURE - Battlefords Room
Mammoths, camels and lions, oh my!
Ice Age mammals of northern Canada
Dr. Grant Zazula, Yukon Paleontologist
Wednesday, December 2 – Battlefords Room
Technical Session 3: Exploration Overviews
and Tantato Domain Geoscience
8:45 –
8:50 am
Sponsored by: Instrumentation GDD Inc.
Bernadette Knox
and Jaida Lamming
8:50 –
9:10 am
Gary Delaney* and
Survey Staff
Overview of mining and mineral
exploration and development activity
in Saskatchewan for 2015
9:10 –
9:30 am
Andrew Cheatle
Exploration – It’s our future
9:30 –
9:50 am
Bernadette Knox*
and Jaida Lamming
Bedrock mapping in the Tantato
Domain: comments on Ni-Cu
mineralization and protracted
deformation along the northern
margin of the Athabasca Basin
9:50 –
10:10 am
Jaida Lamming*,
Kyle Larson,
Bernadette Knox
A region with a complicated past:
new monazite ages from the Tantato
10:10 –
10:40 am
Refreshment Break – Sponsored by • Bryson Drilling
Ltd. and SaskTel
10:40 –
11:00 am
Charles Normand
Geology of the Axis Lake East Zone
Ni-Cu deposit
11:00 –
11:20 am
Anna Fonseca*,
Carl Nagy, James
Spectral, multispectral,
hyperspectral: what work, what could
work, and what will never work
11:20 –
11:40 am
Dave Goldak
A capacitive line antenna for the
reduction of near-surface noise in
magnetotellurics data
Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization
in Canada
1:45 –
1:50 pm
Co-chairs: Ralf
Maxeiner and
Kathryn Bethune
1:50 –
2:10 pm
Ralf Maxeiner*,
Ryan Morelli,
Nicole Rayner, Rob
La Ronge ‘Horseshoe’ project:
advancing our understanding of the
Reindeer Zone
11:40 am
– Noon
Mike Lesher* and
Michel Houlé
2:10 –
2:30 pm
Ryan Morelli*,
Yinghui Zhang,
Ryan Bachynski
Structural-stratigraphic transitions
and their implications for base metal
mineralization in the Brabant Lake
area of the Reindeer Zone
Noon –
1:45 pm
Lunch – No Planned Event
Poster and Commercial Exhibit Areas Open,
Convention Floor and William Pascoe Room on the
Mezzanine Floor
2:30 –
2:50 pm
Roger March* and
Dave Fleming
Bigstone: a high-grade volcanogenic
massive sulphide deposit in the
western Flin Flon-Glennie Complex
McKeough* and
Jarrod Brown
An overview of the geological,
geochemical, and geophysical results
from the Kettle Falls gold project:
vectors to newly discovered gold
mineralization along the Tabbernor
Lake fault
* Denotes speaker for multi-authored talks
Orion 3D resistivity imaging at the
Phoenix uranium deposit
3:10 –
3:30 pm
2:50 –
3:10 pm
Technical Session 4:
Potash and Diamonds
Sponsored by: Saskatchewan Research Council
1:45 –
1:50 pm
Co-chairs: Michelle
Hanson and Graham
1:50 –
2:10 pm
Megan Frederick
An update about the current state of
the K+S Legacy project
2:10 –
2:30 pm
Lucy Hunt and
Steven Creighton*
New advances in the analysis of
potash by state of the art QEMSCAN
2:30 –
2:50 pm
Michelle Hanson
Complications of drift prospecting in
a paleo-glaciolacustrine environment
in northern Saskatchewan
2:50 –
3:10 pm
Janina Czas,
Graham Pearson*,
Thomas Stachel,
George Read, Bruce
Is there an Archean lithospheric
mantle root beneath the Sask
Craton? Constraints from peridotite
xenoliths in the Fort à la Corne
kimberlite field
3:10 –
3:30 pm
George Read*, Mark
Shimell, Bill Van
Breugel, Brian
Star-Orion South kimberlite project
revised resource estimate
3:30 –
3:50 pm
Ken Armstrong
Update on 2014 and 2015
exploration at the Pikoo diamond
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