Example Proof of Enrolment - University of Saskatchewan

Example Proof of Enrolment
(A short letter in English or in French from the student’s home institution, on
official letterhead, dated within the last six months. This letter must confirm that
the student is currently enrolled in a full-time program and will continue to be
enrolled upon their return.).
To Whom It May Concern
I hereby certify that Mr./Ms._____________ is a student currently enrolled in a
full-time _______________degree program in the Department of ______________ at
the University of _______________.
Mr./Ms. _____________ has been invited to visit the University of Saskatchewan to
work with Dr.________________ to conduct a research
project____________________________ from ______ to ______. The intent is to
train Mr./Ms. _____________ in the area of ___________________. Mr./Ms.
_____________’s visit has our full support. Sharing this valuable knowledge will
benefit both countries by forging a partnership between the University of
Saskatchewan and the University of _______________. Mr./Ms. _____________ will
remain registered as a full-time student at the University of _______________ during
the period of his/her participation in the Canadian Bureau for International Education
(CBIE) Program at the University of Saskatchewan.