“Jefferson Lab” SOL Review Instructions

Jennifer Tynan
INDT 501-02
Tutorial Assignment
“Jefferson Lab” SOL Review Instructions
Student Instructions:
Follow the steps below to the “Jefferson Lab” website on the internet. This site will help you
prepare for your Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOL) math and science exams. You will
take your exams at the end of the school year. “Jefferson Lab” will let you practice many
different levels of each subject. It’s a great way to review for the real exam at home!
Let’s get started!
Step 1: Double click on the “Internet
Explorer” icon on your computer desktop.
Step 2: Type the address shown here in the
address window of Internet Explorer in the top
left corner of the screen.
-Then press “Enter” on your keypad.
- Click the link below If you are viewing these
directions on your computer.
Welcome to the “Jefferson Lab”.
Step 3: Click on how many questions you
want to answer.
Step 4: Click on what type of questions you
want to answer. Example: Math 3
You may choose more than one subject.
Step 5: Click on “I’m ready! Let’s start!” to
Step 6: Read the question carefully.
Step7: Click on the letter next to the best
Step 8: Click “That’s my final answer!” to
see how you did.
The next screen shows you:
-What question you are on.
-How you did on this question.
-What the correct answer is for this
Step 9: Click “Next question!”
Step 10: Repeat Steps 6-9 until you have
finished all the questions.
6. Read the question carefully.
7. Select the best answer.
8. Click on “That’s my final answer”.
9. Click on “Next Question”.
Step 11: Click “All done! How did I do?” to
see your final score.
The “Results” screen will show how you did
on your questions.
Blue= Correct answer
Red= Incorrect answer
You can also see what kind of question you
do really well on or the questions you may
need to practice a bit more.
Your final score is shown here.
Step 12: Click “Start over, please!” to try
REMINDER: “Jefferson Lab” is a resource to help you practice for your math and science SOL’s
outside of the classroom. Following instructions carefully will help you to better understand
what a question is asking you to do and will help you prepare for the SOL testing process at the
end of the year. Practice, practice, practice!