Mt. Carmel SUN
October 21, 2011
explores the hidden
world of subliminal
messaging, the
secrets of television,
and Disney Movies.
Subliminal messaging scenario
number one: a young boy’s eyes dart back
and forth, watching the seemingly innocent
ad about quenching one’s thirst drone on
his television. When the commercial is
finished, he suddenly feels a strong desire
for a Pepsi, though the commercial was
not specifically for Pepsi.
This average TV-viewer has now
become the unsuspecting victim of the
power of subliminal messaging.
Subliminal messaging, typically used
in advertising, is a tactic that reinforces
a product or a statement in a way that
appeals to the subconscious mind.
For example, images of a product
that a company wants people to purchase,
like Pepsi, would be flashed on the screen
so quickly that the conscious mind does
not register it, but the subconscious does.
The belief is that having these images
flashed increases the desire for their
The question is, what factual evidence
is there to support this theory that
subliminal messaging actually increases
the desire for certain products?
According to a study done by the
British psychologists behind sciencedaily.
com, subliminal messaging does indeed
have an effect on the human brain, even
if it is not gigantic.
“What’s interesting here is that your
brain does log things that you aren’t even
aware of and can’t ever become aware
of,” Dr. Bahador Bahrami, a Cognitive
Neuroscience professor at University
College London said.
“We show that there is a brain response
in the primary visual cortex to subliminal
images that attract our attention -- without
us having the impression of having seen
anything. These findings point to the sort
of impact that subliminal advertising may
have on the brain. I believe that it’s likely
that subliminal advertising may affect our
However, advertisements are not the
only medium thought to engage in the act
of subliminal messaging.
This brings us to scenario number
two: a young girl gazes in awe as her
favorite movie “The Lion King” dances
across the TV screen. She notices every
little detail in the movie, as it has her
undivided attention.
The one thing she misses though, is
the word “S-E-X” that is spelled out in
a cloud of dust in the air when Simba
collapses on the ground in frustration.
That’s something I’d be willing to bet
we all missed when we were little kids.
Claims have been made stating that
Disney movies targeted at children have
hidden messages and meanings, and the
Lion King instance may not be the only
In fact, there are numerous YouTube
videos on the subject that claim to expose
Disney’s hidden messages, almost all of
them pertaining to something sexual.
This idea of subliminal messages
poses the fundamental question: do we
really know what we’re watching?
For years, ever since the invention and
mass production of the television in the
late 1930s, the theory and possible reality of
subliminal messages or hidden meanings has
always been an issue.
We are all very familiar with the ongoing
cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants, but
did you know about the supposed hidden
meaning behind the names and characteristics
of the main characters?
It was said that the seven main characters:
Sandy Cheeks, Plankton, Mr.. Krabs, Gary the
snail, Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward
Tentacles, and Patrick Star all possessed
personalities based off of the biblical seven
deadly sins.
Sandy Cheeks represents pride, Plankton
represents envy, Mr. Krabs represents greed,
Gary represents slothfulness, Spongebob
represents lust, Squidward represents wrath,
and Patrick of course represents gluttony. This
theory has never been proven, but does make
you wonder if it is true, or merely a strange
Not to mention the quirky animated
movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the movie
of a cartoon rabbit who gets framed for
murdering a human in Toonville.
What many people believe is that the
movie is much similar to the novel “To Kill
a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee. Toons in
this case would represent African Americans
in a segregated culture, who in the movie
are looked down upon and treated badly by
humans, who represent the whites. A human
murdered the man, but the toon Roger Rabbit
was framed and tried for murder in the first
So, the crazy world of conspiracies in
television has varied in controversy over the
many decades it’s been questioned, but one
thing still remains: are they real conspiracies,
or just plain accidents?
Remember the days when you sat in front of
the TV watching the delightful Disney movies?
It was the age of innocence. Every thing in the
movies was made for the little minds we had. Or
was it?
Hidden in the midst of fantasy, Walt Disney
has hidden sexual innuendos for the adult world.
Remember the part in Lion King where
Simba and his father are sitting there talking and
they look up at the stars? The stars were naughty,
for they spelled out sex. Want a closer look? Go
to Youtube and search it.
Lion King one was a joy that had to be
followed by Lion King 2. But something went
wrong at one point. When two coconuts fall from
a tree they are caught in a position that forms a
Also, the part in the Little Mermaid where
Ariel and Prince Eric are being wed, the priest
gets a shocking erection. Or the magical castle
you wanted to live in? Would you want to live
in it if you realized there was a penis on it? I’m
thinking not.
The Rescuers is a harmless movie about
heroic mousse that displays naked women in
windows. I’m thinking that last part did not make
much sense right? At one point in the movie
hidden in a window is a naked lady.
Now of course theses are not seen for those
you don’t look for it. But when found it is a great
laugh for teen’s theses days.
When we were young we did not notice how
sexual (for that matter even know what sexual
was) Disney movies could be. As we grow up we
find images that are perverted because our minds
have been perverted by society.
With the help of YouTube, these subliminal
images are available to everyone. Even the
innocent minds of children have resource to
images like this. Maybe Disney put these in not
thinking they would be found.
Too late Disney, your sexual innuendos have
been exploited.