Hour 4

Joe Malinao, Luke Hansen, Tyler Hanson, Jake Rother, Aaron Rozek, Lucas Grosseheme
Subliminal Messaging/Advertising
Subliminal Messaging/advertising- Subliminal messages are pictures or words which
are not recognized by the conscious mind, but instead recorded in the subconscious. These
messages can be used for self improvement, but have been used, and were actually developed
as a marketing ploy.
-it has the power to influence thoughts, feelings and actions, and it is all done below the level of
-You can see the message in different ways that will help influence you to buy or think of a
certain product or company
-used as a marketing and considered a deceptive business practice to persuade the public to
buy certain products.
-primes - quick bursts of images lasting one to three frames and were used in commercials to
convey edginess and mood
History-The first public knowledge of these types of messages were discovered when a New
Jersey theater inserted the messages during a showing of The Picnic in 1957.
-The words appeared for a single frame, during a movie, that were allegedly long enough for the
subconscious part of the brain to pick up the image, but too short for the viewer to be aware of
it. The subliminal ads supposedly created an 18.1% increase in Coke sales and a 57.8%
increase in popcorn sales.
-There are both views on subliminal advertising. Some people say that it has no effect on
people, by saying that if the person notices it then it is ineffective, however others think that it
puts the image in the persons mind and makes them think about it more, therefore wanting to
buy or purchase the product.
-The Federal Communications Commission has outlawed "subliminal advertising" on print and
broadcast. This was done in 1974. NOW ILLEGAL.