Genetics and Human Affairs

Course offering, Spring Semester 2016:
Genetics and Human Affairs
Genetics 133, 3 credits
MWF 9:55-10:45, rm 1441, Genetics Biotech Bldg
The science of genetics is at the heart of many issues facing our society and, as
such, genetics is often in the news. This course explores the underlying genetics
and methodologies to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the
headlines so that we can make more informed decisions as citizens. We will use
popular media related to genetics as a forum to explore basic concepts in
genetics, the practice of experimental science and related ethical issues. This
course is intended for non-biological science majors and non-scientists, but a high
school or college-level biology course is recommended as a prerequisite. Open to
Freshmen and non-science majors.
Phil Anderson
4324 Gen/ Biotech
Kate O'Connor-Giles
227D Bock Labs
Al Laughon (organizer)
3432 Gen/ Biotech