Bio 5924: Molecular Basis of Heredity

Bio 5924: Molecular Basis of Heredity
Course Master: Sarah Elgin
Instructors: Drs. Sarah Elgin, Chris Shaffer, April Bednarski, Phyllis Balcerzak; Andrea
Holmes, Wilson Leung
Guest lecturers: Drs. Martin Israel (Physics), Jeremy Buhler (Computer Science &
Engineering), Barak Cohen (Genetics), Tim Ley (Internal Medicine), Jeff Gordon
(Developmental Biology), and Robi Mitra (Genetics)
Teaching Assistants: Taylor Cordonnier, Matthew Dothager, Stephen McDaniel, Andrew
Nylander, Priya Srikanth
A fundamental exploration of genetics concepts and applications from Mendel up
through current applications of genetics and genomics. This applications-intensive
course will encourage a deeper understanding of genomes, their organization, regulated
read-out, and evolution, through structural analysis, use of DNA technology, and
computer application, including use of comparative tools and public data bases.
*Labs include Mendelian genetics, DNA transformation, use of BLAST, CLUSTALW,
and other computer tools to analyze genes and genomes.