Outline Note Guide for Altered States of Consciousness


CH. 7: ALTERED STATES of CONSCIOUSNESS TARGET DATES: Sleep Quiz (pg. 271-289) Drug Quiz (pg. 296-308) Altered States of Consciousness Unit Test I. CONSCIOUSNESS and INFORMATION PROCESSING… A. Sleep and Dreams… 1. Biological Rhythms 2. The Rhythm of Sleep… a. Circadian Rhthym b. Sleep Stages 3. Why Do We Sleep? a. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation b. Sleep Theories 4. Sleep Disorders 5. Dreams… a. What Do We Dream? b. Why Do We Dream? II. HYPNOSIS A. Facts and Falsehoods… 1. Can Anyone Experience Hypnosis? 2. Can Hypnosis Enhance Recall of Forgotten Events? 3. Can Hypnosis Force People to Act Against Their Will? 4. Can Hypnosis Be Therapeutic? 5. Can Hypnosis Alleviate Pain? B. Is Hypnosis an Altered State of Consciousness?... 1. Hypnosis as a Social Phenomenon… 2. Hypnosis as Divided Consciousness III. DRUGS and CONSCIOUSNESS… A. Dependence and Addiction 1. Misconceptions About Addiction B. Psychoactive Drugs… 1. Depressants… a. Alcohol b. Barbituates c. Opiates 2. Stimulants (amphetamines / methamphetamines) a. Cocaine b. Ecstasy 3. Hallucinogens… a. LSD (acid) C. Influences on Drug Use 1. Biological Influences b. Marijuana (THC) 2. Psychological and Social-Cultural Influences IV. NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES (dualists and monists)

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