Gas Exchange and Transport in Plants

Gas Exchange and Transport in Plants
1. Where does gas exchange in plants take place?
2. Gas exchange is required for two critical processes – respiration and photosynthesis. Fill
in the following table to summarise these two processes:
Gas In
Gas Out
3. What is the process by which gases move in and out of green plants called?
4. What regulates the route of gases in and out of the leaves?
5. What does the xylem of a plant transport? Where from and where to?
6. Describe the structure of the xylem. Explain what the significance of lignin is.
7. What do phloem tubes transport?
8. What is meant by translocation?
9. What is the function of root hairs on root cells?
10. What is the name of the process by which water enters the root?
11. What is transpiration and where in the leaf does it occur?
12. What factors affect the transpiration rate? Describe how a change in each can impact
the rate of transpiration.
13. Fill in the following table to describe why transpiration is important in each function:
Movement of Minerals
Significance of Transpiration
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