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“The Evolutionary Arms Race” Video Questions
1. The rough-skinned newt is extremely poisonous. It is probably the most poisonous
animal in the world. Why has this salamander evolved such a deadly toxin?
2. What additional reason do the people of Russia now have to discourage them from
breaking the law and being sent to prison?
3. Why is the Russian prison system described as an “ideal incubator” for drug-resistant
strains of bacteria? What conditions and practices have led to the spread of drug-resistant
bacteria in Russian prisons?
4. What are “second-line” drugs? Why are they necessary?
5. What aspects of our global culture and technological advancements help to ensure the
spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis?
6. Why is multi-drug resistance referred to as a “man-made problem?”
7. How might evolutionary processes be used to reverse the problem of drug-resistant

“The Evolutionary Arms Race” Video Questions