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Course presentation
GB Migliori
WHO Collaborating Centre for TB and Lung Diseases,
Fondazione S. Maugeri, Tradate Italy
Background (1)
• The TB “emergency” is far to be solved
• New opportunities for international
collaboration had been made available
• The lack of human resources available for
TB control and research is still a global
(and European) problem
Background (2)
• ERS & TB PAN-NET are committed to
give a contribution to this fight
• We have gathered here the best possible
team of facilitators…
• to make this training an ideal platform for
young physicians interested in TB
research and control
Pan‐European network for study and clinical
management of drug resistant tuberculosis
• European consortium of 27 expert partners in the field of drug
resistant tuberculosis.
• Funded by the European Commission (FP7)
• Duration: from January 2009 to December 2013
• The aim is to coordinate activities to limit the spread of MDR
strains by supporting high quality epidemiological and molecular
analysis as well as training on MDR-TB.
• Consortium outputs will assist governments in the development
and implementation of appropriate health and social policies to
limit and control the spread of MDR-TB within the member
states of the EU.
The project is built around eight different work packages:
• WP1: Molecular epidemiology of drug-resistant strains in selected metropolitan
settings in Western and Eastern Europe
• WP2: Characterization of novel mutations involved in drug-resistant phenotype
and virulence markers
• WP3: Development and standardization of EQA for drug-resistant TB and
expansion of capability for culture-based and molecular-based techniques for
drug-resistant TB
• WP4: Development of integrated sites for clinical and diagnostic trials of new
drug applications, new diagnostics, and development of markers for treatment
success, and identify clinical and social factors, including HIV as markers of
• WP5: Training on TB clinical management, control and research (FSM,
• WP6: TBNET: Clinical research on TB drug-resistance in Europe
• WP7: Dissemination and information sharing (ERS)
• WP8: Management
WP 5: Deliverable 5.6: Final course materials
Role play
Individual report and
Case study exercise:
presentation and
problem solving
Group exercise ,
presentation and
Role plays
WP 7: Training and
Institute Marius Nasta, Bucharest: an
ideal venue bridging East and West…
Croatia 2013: an other ideal venue
bridging East and West…
TB PAN-NET/ERS School course:
TB elimination: dream or reality
May 28- June 1, 2013
Dubrovnik, Croatia
The ERS pillar of the course
Amy Farr
The local organiser
Elmira Ibrahim
At the end of the training the participant will be able to:
 Apply key epidemiological immunological and
pathological concepts to the clinical practice
 Use new tool to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) infection
and disease in adults and children
 Treat latent TB infected individuals and drugsusceptible TB cases correctly (adults and children)
 Apply the principles underlying treatment of multidrug resistant (MDR-) and extensively drugresistant(XDR-) TB cases
 Manage adverse events of MDR- and XDR-TB
 Organise contact-tracing
 Plan investigation of a micro-epidemic
 Discuss the principles behind control and elimination
 Identify the priority areas for research
 Discuss the career opportunities in respiratory
Ambitious but
 Clinical epidemiology, immunology and
 Diagnosis of TB infection and disease
(including an interactive session on
imaging and endoscopic procedures)
 Treatment and clinical management of
adult susceptible, MDR- and XDR- TB
(including discussion of true cases
provided by both facilitators and
 Clinical management of TB in children
 Control, elimination and research priorities
(including practical exercises)
 Career opportunities in respiratory
New exiciting topics!!
New exercises!!
Target audience:
 Clinicians in training with an interest in
Respiratory Medicine/Infectious Diseases
 Microbiology specialists
 Clinical Immunologist
 Clinical Epidemiologists
 Internal Medicine specialists
 Public health specialists
Impressive audience with
complementary interests
and competences!!
1. Keynote lectures on:
 TB disease and infection
 IGRA testing to diagnose TB disease and infection
 Advances in the microbiological diagnosis of TB
 Advances in imaging relevant for TB
 Treatment and clinical management of TB (including
 TB in children
 New principles in contact tracing
2. Exercises on:
 Designing new diagnostic algorithms
 Managing adverse events
 Managing MDR/XDR-TB cases
 Investigating a microepidemic in adults and children
 Defining research priorities at programmatic level
Enjoy your Course !!
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