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December 10, 1898: Paris
Treaty signed ending
Spanish American War
The treaty stated that the
Spanish empire surrendered
the territories of Cuba, Puerto
Rico, Spanish west indies,
Guam and the Philippines.
December 15, 1890 Sitting
Bull dies and shows
downfall to Indians
Killed by the indian agency
police, His death resulted
in the end of indian
resistance in the Mid-west
February 15, 1898
Battleship Maine explodesbeginning of Spanish
American War
The USS Maine exploded in the
Havana harbor in Cuba, the US
immediately blamed Spain and
the Spanish American War
July 3,1890 Sherman
Antitrust act
Passed by congress, this
act was to eliminate
monopolies and anticompetitive businesses.
July 6, 1893 Homestead
Steel Strike turned into
battle with Pinkerton
When Carnegie Steel Company stepped up
production, the labor union went on strike
for wage cuts. Henry Frick, who was in
charge of the mill, hired private agencies
such as the Pikertin police. The result was
serious weakening for the steel industry.
July 7, 1898 US annexes
independent republic of
The US annexed Hawaii in 1898,
mainly for the sugar and pineapple
business. There was a constant
struggle for the Hawaiin natives. Its
was granted statehood in 1959
July 14, 1893 Sherman
Silver Purchase Act
It allowed the purchase of 4.5 million
ounces of silver per month to cause
inflation. This was very beneficial to the
poor farmers. It got out hand and directly
caused he panic of 1893.
July 17, 1897 Klondike
Gold Rush begins in
Seattle-Gold Rush
Skookum Jim Mason, Dawson Charlie and
George Washington Carmack found gold in
the Klondike river in the Yukon territory in
Canada. It was the start of "gold fever" that
swept across America. One of the most
famous gold ruches in history.
March 4, 1893-1897
Grover Cleveland was
inaugurated as president
Grover Cleveland's 2nd term, only
president not to run 2 terms
consecutively. His second term was
plagued by the unfortunate Panic of 1893
ruining the Democratic party for the next
March, 1889-1893
Benjamin Harrisons
Being the Grandson of the 9th
President, Harrisons
Presidency was uneventful. The
Sherman Anit-Trust act was
May 18, 1896 Plessy v.
Homer Plessy a 1/8 black man boarded a
first class train car and purposely
announced he was black. He went to
court to challenge the "separate car act".
The ruling of the case ended with
"separate but equal".
May, 1893 Decline in New
York Stock market causes
Panic of 1893
The worst economic downfall at the time,
caused by many factors but mainly from
the Sherman Silver Purchase act. Lasted
about a year but ruined Grovers term and
the democratic party for the next few
November 3, 1896-1901
Republican William
McKinley becomes
During his first term the SPAM war
broke out and America crushed the
Spanish and the US gained
territory. Mckinley won his 2nd
term but was assassinated in 1901.
November 5, 1895 1st US
patent for automobile
The 1st US automobile patent went to
George B. Selden. Shortly after Henry
Ford contested the patent and finally
won. Ford started manufacturing his
famous cheaper car in the early 1900's
September 6, 1899: The
Open Door Policy with
China is declared
A US policy that proposed to keep
China open to trade with all
countries, though no 1 country
would control china each would
control a "Sphere of influence".
William Jennings Bryan
Cross of gold speech-1896.
William J. Bryan was a dominate force in the
democratic party. He made his famous
"Cross of gold Speech" heavily supporting
"free silver" believing that it would bring the
nation prosperity. The speech is considered
one of greatest political speeches in US