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america moves toward war
1. What phrase describes how warring nations were to pay for US arms under the Neutrality Act of 1939? 2. The Axis Powers included what three nations? (551) 1. 2. 3. 3. What new act did Congress pass in March of 1941? (552) FDR compared this plan to lending a _______________ to a neighbor whose _________________. 4. What agreement did Hitler break in June of 1941? (552) 5. OPINION: What does the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mean? (553) FDR used the idea above to justify sending supplies to what country fighting Hitler? OPINION: Joseph Stalin was often referred to as “Uncle Joe” by FDR. What do you think FDR’s reason was for this? 6. What name was used to describe the nations which fought against the Axis Powers? (554) 7. By 1941, the British were too busy fighting Hitler to block Japanese expansion. Only what country remained in Japan’s way in the Pacific? (555) 8. Where did Japan attack the United States on December 7 th , 1941? (555) How many Americans were killed in the attack? How many were damaged or sunk? ______ battleships _______ aircraft 9. What did Congress approve on December 8, 1941? (557)
the war for europe and north africa
10. How did Churchill convince FDR to strike first against Hitler? (570) 11. Who fought whom at the Battle of Stalingrad? (571) How many Soviets died defending Stalingrad? How was the Battle for Stalingrad a turning point of the war in Europe? 12. What were two places (in red capital letters) the Allies attacked the Axis before D­Day? (572 & 573) 13. Who planned the invasion of France and freeing of Western Europe known as Operation Overlord? (574) 14. Three million troops from what three nations took part in the D­Day invasion? (574) 1. 2. 3. 15. What was the actual date of D­Day? (574) OPINION: Why was this D­Day invasion so important to the war against Hitler in Europe? 16. What city was liberated in August 25, 1944? (574) 17. What was the name of Hitler’s desperate last­ditch offensive, begun in December of 1944? (576) How did this battle in which little seemed to have changed hurt Germany? 18. What happened to Hitler? (577) 19. May 8, 1945 was V­E Day…what was V­E day? (577)