Transportation Partnerships on Disabilities Meeting Minutes March

Transportation Partnerships on Disabilities
Meeting Minutes March 11, 2010
Attendance: Eric Orr, Roger Simmons, Bill Underwood, Sherry Welsh,
Caroline Debbins, Patrick Kane, Pam Le
I. Open Meeting at 2:00 PM
A.) Went over to the previous minutes from the last meeting.
II. Discussed Rabbittransit update
A.) Happenings
1. Discussion on some new technology features with some changes in
our service for rabbittransit. They appreciate your patience to pursue
our goal of enhancing the passenger’s experience. Move toward
automation and a greater use of technology in attempt to provide
service in the most effective way.
2. Talk about implementing a wide-scale technology for a 5 question
survey that is located on rabbittransit’s website.
3. Talk about communing to Towson and a survey that is located on
rabbittransit’s website.
4. Talk about the transportation for America – It is a board and growing
coalition of national, state, and local organizations calling for the
renewal of our national transportation program in the 21st century.
They share a goal of building a modernized infrastructure to support
a rebust economy and healthy communities. The coalition seeks to
align national, state, and local transportation policies with an array of
national priorities.
5. Discuss how to reduce your payroll taxes in section 132(f) of the
Federal tax code that allows employers to offer pre-tax purchases up
to $230 per month per employee in 2010 for qualified transit and
vanpooling benefits. Commuter Services of PA, is a rabbit transit
6. Explained that York Little Theatre presents Dracula as a part of their
Children’s Series
7. Talk about the Rider Alerts for the fixed route, paratransit, and
rabbitexpress about information on unanticipated service
interruptions or major delays.
B.) Trip Propose Numbers (January 2010 – February 2010)
1. Work – 332
2. Medical – 270
3. Education – 42
4. Shopping – 46
5. Recreational – 211
6. Other – 21
III.) Round Table Discussion
1. Scheduling for routes, drivers – meetings.
2. Maryland Stops
3. Hanover and connections to both counties
4. Adams FR
5. Attendance
IV.) Meeting Adjourned 3:05 PM