Steps in Building a Successful Partnership

Steps in Building a Successful Partnership
1. Define mission, goals and objectives.
o What is the coalition trying to accomplish by coming together?
o Translate the individual goals and objectives of each organization
into a mission for the partnership.
2. Identify supporters and stakeholders.
o Who will benefit from this partnership?
o Think about including those who could be adversarial if not
included in the process.
o Strategize how to balance and control diverse groups
3. Create a structure.
o Identify the roles needed for the coalition to function.
o Assign responsibilities within all parties.
o Set up a coordinating function to hold the group together and
manage communications.
o Develop shared solutions as problems arise.
o Be flexible.
4. Determine expectations.
o Start with outcome measures.
o Obtain consensus on the data elements.
o Collect a baseline before starting, e.g. how many people are
already receiving this service?
5. Create a communications network.
o Develop a common language; don’t let semantics become a
o Communicate openly and frequently with all partners.
o Identify a person to effect all internal coalition communication.
o Specify a single spokesperson for all public communication.
6. Develop a message.
o Keep the message simple and relevant.
o Craft a message that works with your local community.
o Repeat the message over and over again.