Coalitions: Building and Joining


Coalitions: Building and Joining

Advocacy Training Module

What is a Coalition?

An organization of organizations that is actively working on an issue campaign!

• Formal

• Issue

• Informal

Types of Coalitions

Advantages of Working Together

• Increase power.

• Able to win something that couldn’t be won alone.

• Increase resources – staff, money, members.

• Broaden the scope of work.

Guidelines for Coalition Building

• Choose a unifying issue.

• Not the road to diversity.

• Don’t change your values or mission.

• Understand each groups self interest.

• Respect each groups internal process.

• Agree to disagree.

Guidelines for Coalition Building (cont)

• Play to the center with tactics.

• Recognize that contributions vary.

• Structure decision making carefully.

• Urge stable and senior representation at meetings.

• Distribute credit fairly.

• If there are staff they should be neutral.

Guidelines for Joining Coalitions

• Know what you want to get out of it.

• Know the coalition members and background.

• Get clear expectations.

• Maintain an independent program.

• Evaluate your role carefully.