Coalitions: Building and Joining


Coalitions: Building and Joining Advocacy Training Module

What is a Coalition?

An organization of organizations that is actively working on an issue campaign!

• • • Formal Issue Informal Types of Coalitions

Advantages of Working Together • • • • Increase power.

Able to win something that couldn’t be won alone.

Increase resources – staff, money, members.

Broaden the scope of work.

Guidelines for Coalition Building • • • • • • Choose a unifying issue.

Not the road to diversity.

Don’t change your values or mission.

Understand each groups self interest.

Respect each groups internal process.

Agree to disagree.

Guidelines for Coalition Building (cont) • • • • • • Play to the center with tactics.

Recognize that contributions vary.

Structure decision making carefully.

Urge stable and senior representation at meetings.

Distribute credit fairly.

If there are staff they should be neutral.

Guidelines for Joining Coalitions • • • • • Know what you want to get out of it.

Know the coalition members and background.

Get clear expectations.

Maintain an independent program.

Evaluate your role carefully.