AP U.S. History Unit 5 – Jacksonian Democracy and the Impact of

AP U.S. History
Unit 5 – Jacksonian Democracy and the Impact of Social and Economic Reforms
The American Pageant, Chs. 13-15
The following is a list of the important terms (people, ideas, places, events) from Unit 5. In addition to
defining these terms, you should understand their significance to the point of being able to use them (both
individually and collectively) in essay writing.
The Rise of Jacksonian Democracy:
Twelfth Amendment
William Harrison
Henry Clay
Martin Van Buren
William Crawford
John Quincy Adams
Daniel Webster
Andrew Jackson
John C. Calhoun
spoils system
Tariff of Abominations
Force Bill
Trail of Tears
Panic of 1837
Whig Party
Stephen Austin
San Houston
Lone Star
John Tyler
Santa Anna
Forging the National Economy:
industrial revolution
transportation revolution
Samuel Slater
Cyrus McCormick
Eli Whitney
cotton gin
Robert Fulton
Samuel F.B. Morse
Catharine Beecher
cult of domesticity
Tammany Hall
The Ferment of Reform and Culture:
Dorothea Dix
Stephen Foster
James Russell Lowell
Washington Irving
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Lucretia Mott
James Fenimore Cooper
Elizabeth Blackwell
Horace Mann
Noah Webster
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Edgar Allen Poe
Susan B. Anthony
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Henry David Thoreau
Herman Melville
Charles G. Finney
Joseph Smith
Walt Whitman
John J. Audubon
Margaret Fuller
Brigham Young
American Temperance Society
Second Great Awakening
Oneida Community
Seneca Falls Convention