CIS125E Spreadsheets – Excel Course Syllabus

Spreadsheets – Excel
Community College
(4 Credit Hours)
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
PO Box 14007
Salem, OR 97309-7070
Spring 2014 (201340)
Time and Location
CRN 74688 Online
CRN 74686-Campus
M/W 8:30 -10:20
Campus 06-201
James Finholt
Course Syllabus
Course Description
This is a course in the use of electronic workbooks in a multi-spreadsheet environment using
Microsoft Excel. Includes concepts associated with data type (labels and values) and how to
build effective workbooks for use in projection and analysis of typical business situations.
Workbook applications include the use of arithmetic formulas, functions, proper formatting,
macros, graphics, databases, pivot tables and other analysis tools available in Excel.
The course is written in context to the Office 2010 suite and NOT the Office 2007 suite.
Office Excel 2013 will work for this course.
Course materials will NOT be modified or adjusted for Office 2007 or 2013. It is your
responsibility to make any necessary adjustments to accommodate the differences between
MSOffice Excel 2010 and your version of MSOffice Excel.
Required Text/Materials
Parsons|Oja|Ageloff|Carey., Microsoft Excel 2010 Comprehensive,
Course Technology-Cengage Learning, 2011.
ISBN: 978-0-538-74291-7
Digital class materials can be found on Chemeketa eLearn or my faculty web site:
Office Hours
Mon,Tue,Wed: 12:30 – 1:50
(All other times by Appt Only)
Office Location
USB Flash drive required for in class work.
FileZilla FTP software required for the course. You will find the necessary download and
setup instructions for this software on the eLearn site for this course.
All phone calls received on M-F
between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. are
usually responded to within 24
hours. All other phone calls are
handled on an “as needed” basis.
I do not reply to any calls after 3
p.m. on week days, school
closures, or holidays.
[email protected]
All student emails received on MF between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. are
usually responded to within 24
hours. All other emails are
handled on an “as needed” basis.
I do not reply to any emails after 3
p.m. on Fridays, school closures, or
A grade of C or better in each of the following: CIS101 and/or CIS120 or consent of the
instructor. (Beginning Sept. 1 2013 all prerequisites will be registration enforced by the
college online registration system.)
Performance Based Learner Outcomes
On completion of the course, the successful student will be able to:
Develop and prepare workbooks using Excel software package.
Utilize Excel workbooks to solve typical business related problems.
Use spread sheets to solve “what if” types of problems.
Create charts to represent numerical data.
Design and Manage Pivot Tables and Charts
Develop macros for automating repetitive tasks.
Use scenario management to track multiple worksheet versions.
Use Solver to solve complex problems
Query Excel lists to retrieve selective information.
Students Retaking This Course
Any student retaking this course MUST see the instructor prior to beginning work on any
assignment. Students that fit this category will be given assignments that are similar in
content but are different than the ones they attempted the first time they took this
course. Any assignments resubmitted from the first time they took the course will not
be graded!
Important Course Content Information
Advising - Counseling
Recent research indicates that
community college students who
seek out academic advising are
more likely to meet their
educational goals. Meeting with
an advisor can help:
clarify your academic and life
choose classes that prepare you
for a career, and
ensure whether your credits will
transfer to another institution.
Advising is available by making
an appt at Counseling and Career
Svcs in Building 2 (503-3995120, or
[email protected]). In
addition, you may want to
explore My Game Plan, an
electronic educational planning
system at
Instructors are also available to
discuss class, degree, and career
options. Start planning now.
Academic Honesty
Any of the following is considered
an unethical action on a class
quiz, exam, or required
assignment, and will result in
failure of the guilty party who
shall receive a grade of 0 (zero)
for each violation:
Turning in plagiarized work
rather than turning a unique
paper you created.
Using notes, or other
materials not explicitly
Improperly acquiring
advance copies of exam
Any conduct yielding an
exam result that is not the
student's individual work.
Any deviation from the
student’s code of conduct
policy statement regarding
academic standards as
provided to each enrolled
Chemeketa student.
Unless otherwise required due to ADA specifications the use of all personal electronic
devices in the classroom is prohibited. This includes CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS, PDAs, Tablets,
CD/DVDs, IPODs, etc. The program and college has taken extraordinary efforts to provide
each student with the classroom software and hardware necessary to complete the course
content required for our classes making the need for these devices unnecessary.
At this time we are not supporting any Windows 8 users. If you are using Windows 8 you are
responsible for any and all adjustments that may needed to complete the assignments for
this course. This includes any necessary and required computer settings to connect with the
eLearn (Blackboard) site required for this course.
You must have or access to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 to complete some of the
assignments in this course! This course is NOT designed to work on any version of a “Apple
(MAC)” product. You must have access to a PC to be successful in this course.
Technical Support
It is your responsibility to have and maintain the software, equipment and internet
connections required to complete all homework, labs, and exams for this course. All
technical issues, REGARDLESS of the circumstances, are not valid reasons for missed
assignments, labs, and/or exam deadlines. This means your assignments will be graded on
the amount of work completed at the time of the “catastrophic” technical issue failure. The
only exceptions would be verifiable unplanned errors of the sites that this course requires
access to.
I do not provide any technical support for accessing either my Class Web Page, eLearn, or
Chemeketa e-mail. If you have issues logging onto eLearn or with your Chemeketa e-mail
call the help desk at Chemeketa (503) 399-7899.
Hybrid Designated Course Information
If the course is designated as Hybrid then….the course is designed as a blend of face-toface instruction with online learning. In a hybrid course, a significant part of the course
learning is online and as a result, the amount of classroom seat-time is reduced. If this
course is listed as a hybrid course then I have followed this definition by reducing the
actual class time by between 1 and 2 hours per week. To "make-up" for this loss of contact
time I have integrated numerous exercises into the course content that will help you
reinforce and extend the textbook and classroom discussions. If directed by the instructor
you are responsible for posting your thoughts on each Hybrid assignment in the discussion
board on eLearn. You may be graded on your interactions in the discussion board.
Minimum Expectations
Campus Policies mandate ALL emails to and from faculty and students be
processed through Chemeketa Email.
You are expected to follow this by having regular access to Chemeketa
email, the worldwide web, and at least MSOffice 2010. Open office will
not work for this course!
You should expect to put in at least 4 hours outside of class for every hour
in class.
I expect consistent class participation as defined in the assessment section
of this syllabus.
I expect regular and punctual class attendance & notification when you
can’t make a session.
Accommodations are
collaborative efforts between
students, faculty, and the
Disability Services’ office.
Students with accommodations
approved through Disability
Services are responsible for
contacting the faculty member
in charge of the course, ideally
prior to or during the first week
of the term to discuss
accommodations. Students who
believe they are eligible for
accommodations but who have
not yet obtained approval
through Disability Services
should contact V/TTY
503.399.5192 or
[email protected]
Assignment Submission Requirements
All of the homework you turn in MUST be submitted through my SFTP student storage site.
You can find a link on how set-up the software on the eLearn site as well as instructions on
how to use the transfer drive for this course. The link is located on the course content page
and is labeled: SFTP Transfer.
You will name your electronic file using your last name followed by a comma, a space, your
first name followed by a space, a dash, a space, and the name of the assignment followed by
the proper file extension which, of course, is preceded by a dot.
Here is an example:
Flintstone, Fred – Altac.xlsx
ALL work is self-directed meaning you are to complete all work on your own. If you share
this class with a friend, spouse, or roommate you cannot turn the same assignment in for the
will be given for work submitted in a “team-like” fashion. In other words…DO YOUR OWN
WORK! Plagiarism is against College policy and all work submitted is first reviewed for
uniqueness before actual grading begins.
Grading and Due Dates
We are a college community
enriched by the diversity of our
students and staff. Each individual
and group has the potential to
contribute in our learning
environment. Each has dignity. To
diminish the dignity of one is to
diminish the dignity of us all.
Affirmative Action
It is the policy of Chemeketa
Community College and its
Board that there will be no
discrimination or harassment on
the basis of race, religion, color,
sex, age, national origin, ethnic
origin, sexual orientation,
gender identity, marital status,
citizenship status, pregnancy
and related conditions, family
relationship, veteran’s status,
disabilities and tobacco usage in
any educational programs,
activities or employment.
Persons having questions about
equal opportunity/affirmative
action should contact the
Affirmative Action Officer at
4000 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem,
Oregon 97309-7070, or call
503.399.4784. To request this
publication in an alternative
format, please call
Grading Standards
90 - 100
80 - 89
70 - 79
60 -69
< 60
All work is due on the date defined in the Tentative Class schedule. (See schedule below).
ABSOLUTELY NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED! I may have set all exam items included in
the grading matrix to be time released. If you miss a time released exam and/or assignment
in eLearn it will NOT be reopened! NO EXTRA CREDIT work is offered in this course.
ABSOLUTELY no retakes will be allowed on any exam or quiz. Missed exams CANNOT be
There will be several skills case studies (homework) totaling 50% of the final grade, a midterm exam worth 25%, and a final exam worth 25% of the final grade for the course.
Skills (Case Studies)
Final Exam
The WEIGHTED GRADE posted on the Learn course site is not your final grade! It is a
calculated grade that represents your current course grade average based on the work you
have turned in. It in no way represents the grade you may receive for the course. Your
final course grade will be calculated at the end of term and will include all required graded
work as well as penalties (zero(0) grades) for work that was not submitted.
Each assignment will be graded on the ability of the student to follow instructions, quality of
work turned in, completeness of the assignment, and accuracy of the information submitted.
In every attempt to be fair and equitable to all I have found it is straight-forward and easiest
to assess a 5 point deduction for every MAJOR error relating to the items noted above. Each
assignment will be graded and a generic summarization of the issues AS A GROUP may be
posted as an Announcement in eLearn. If you need grading specifics it is your responsibility
to email me for further discussion regarding your performance on a specific assignment.
Chemeketa Creed
Chemeketa Community College
March provides an environment
that celebrates the freedom to
learn and the freedom to teach.
In that celebration of teaching
and learning, it is appropriate
that individuals and groups be
viewed with regard to their
potential to contribute within
the learning environment. Each
has dignity and value.
Campus Assistance
Study Skills
Building 9-200
Math Learning Center
Building 3-277
Open Computer Labs
(Located in the Library)
Building 9 Upper Level
Study Skills Center
Building 2-212
Student Attendance Criteria (Campus classes only)
The percentage (%) point deduction reflects a penalty for missing class lectures or labs.
Points deducted from final grade
3% points will be deducted from final grade
5% points will be deducted from final grade
15% points will be deducted from final grade
25% points will be deducted from final grade
50% points will be deducted from final grade
(How to Read)
The Student Attendance Criteria matrix chart above depicts the
percentage (%) points that will be deducted from your final earned weighted for the class
due to absences from the required class lectures and/or labs.
If you are continually present in the course for all required class and/or lab
sessions OR have one absence you will not be penalized on your earned weighted grade for
the class. Let’s say your final earned weighted average calculates to a 92.8% but you missed
3 days of required meeting time. Using the Student Attendance Criteria matrix above your
final earned grade for the course would be an 87.8% or “B” for the class. (92.8% - 5% =
Grading Specifics:
Term Grades: will be posted at:
Any student desiring a status update as to their progress in the class should
check this site. Due to the nature of the course, grades may not be posted
for between 7-10 days after each assignments due date submission.
Final Grades: will be posted on the Chemeketa Website:
Any student desiring a grade progress status update should first check the
eLearn grade book. It contains your current “grade to date”. You may reach
also me during office hours (503.589.7813) or email me at
[email protected] Campus policies require you use your
Chemeketa email account for this type of written discussion.
Tutoring Services
Building 2-210
Building 1
will only be given for students with extenuating circumstances that
prohibited them from completing the Final Exam. These circumstances may
include extended family leave approved by the College, personal validated
illness that requires an extended hospitalization stay, a death in the family, or
military/industry leave. Each student’s case will be individually assessed and
a written performance to succeed contract will be agreed to and documented
by that student and myself prior to the incomplete being assigned.
Incomplete Contract Link.
It stands to reason that any excessive absences from this course will affect
your success in the class. I will address each students documented absences
on an individual basis so I can best assist each of you progress through the
class satisfactorily. (See chart above.)
Missed Work:
As noted above work is due when assigned and will not be accepted late.
Exams must be taken and turned in on the assigned dates. To maintain the
integrity of the exam as well as the course NO makeup exams will be given.
No extra credit is available in this course.
Course Calendar (Tentative and Subject to Change)
Plan on taking the exam during the normal school week. The weekend testing times are considered “courtesy hours” and
are not factored in as a part of the Monday-Friday school week testing period! If a timing or technical issue occurs during
any weekend when the exam is open that causes the test to not open or “crash” please be aware it will not be reset for
any circumstance, excluding main site downtime. (I am notified of these.)
ALL EXAMS ARE TIME SET TO OPEN AND CLOSE. The testing servers may be located on the east coast which can cause up
to a 3 hour early closure offset. This means if the exam closes at 10:00 a.m. it may actually turn off at 7:00 a.m. our time.
If you miss that opening the exams will not be reactivated. PLEASE do not miss these posted deadlines.
Introductions, Review Syllabus,
Managing Your Files and Intro to Excel 2010
Instructor Defined File
Management assignment
Tutorial 1 Getting Started with EXCEL
Case 1 Altac
Case 3 Global Site GPS
April 14th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 2 Formatting a Workbook
Case 1 Frosti Wear
Case 3 Arcadia Wind Farm
April 21st
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 3 Working with Formulas
Case 1 Chemistry
Case 3 Eason Loan
April 28th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 4 Working with Charts and Graphs
Case 2 Midwest Tornado
Case 3 Hardin Financial
May 5th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 5 Tables, PivotTables, Pivot Charts
Mid-Term Exam (Chapters 1-4)
Case 2 Ring Family Farm
Case 3 High Desert Bank
May 12th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 6 Multiple Worksheets
Case 2 UTE Auto Sales
Case 3 Infusion-Blend
May 19th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 7 Advanced Functions
Case 1 PC Modem
Case 2 Baltic Leave
Case 3 M-Fresh Water
(These are provided
in your Student Case
Files in the T7 folder)
May 26th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 8 Excel Application Development
HOLIDAY May 26th
Case 2 Seattle Popcorn
Case 3 Cookin’ Good
June 2nd
8:30 a.m.
In class Demonstration
In class Demonstration
Online students are
to complete the
tutorials and turn
them by the posted
due date.
June 9th
8:30 a.m.
Tutorial 9 Financial Analysis
Tutorial 10 What If Analysis
Final Exam (Chapters 5-8)
April 7th
8:30 a.m.
Turns off at 10:00 a.m.
Wed, June 18th