How to challenge SDV 100 through the SDV ABLE Exam

How to challenge SDV 100 through the SDV ABLE Exam
First-time college students are required to take SDV 100 or another SDV course before enrolling
for their 16th semester hour at the College.
Some of the benefits of enrolling in SDV on campus or through ELI are:
Provides students with the academic tools for success and teaches the skills of selfmanagement and self-responsibility that relate to being a successful student
Helps students learn how to make responsible choices about their academic, personal,
and career goals
Informs student about the College and community resources, the College’s policies and
procedures, and the processes of moving effectively through the educational system
Students interested in challenging SDV 100 can do so through the Student Development
Assessment by Local Examination (ABLE) Exam. Students wishing to challenge SDV 100
through examination can only test ONCE. Students will be provided 90 minutes to answer 50
multiple choice and true/false questions that will cover topics such as:
Career Exploration
Academic Planning
NOVA Policies and Services
Time Management
Learning Styles
Classroom/Study Skills
Critical Thinking
Life Management
Financial Literacy
PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to view your exam once complete. You will only receive a
score that you can write below to keep for your records. You must achieve a score of 38 or
better to receive credit for the course; which will appear on your transcript. If you are currently
enrolled in an SDV 100 course, it is your responsibility to drop the course by the tuition refund
deadline if you pass.
Student Name:
Date of test:
Test Score:
Location of test (circle one): Alexandria Annandale Manassas MEC Loudoun Woodbridge
(You can take the test at any campus testing center or via a proctor if you do not live in the
area; see for form.)
Off-campus Location: __________________________________________________________
Proctor signature: ________________________________________
Date: ______________
Revised 9-2-2014