IRE SafeNet CS Customer Release Bulletin

IRE SafeNet
CS Customer Release Bulletin
Product: SafeNet/Smart-P
Version: 4.0.6
DNE Version: 2.02
Release Status: GA
Release Date: 09/26/2000
Table of Contents:
Version Summary - BriefSummary of version. Also, important notes before installing or
upgrading this product.
Windows OS Compatibility - Summary of versions of Windows this release has been tested
with including NT service packs supported.
Known Issues - Known issues for this release. List is updated with issues found after initial
Compatibility Issues- Compatibility Issues or interoperability issues with this release.
Addressed Issues- Lists addressed issues in this release and previous
Version Summary:
This release includes the following enhancements and features:
Includes support for Gemplus IDC-DP smartcards.
Also included with this release is a utility program Ginareg.exe. This file and its associated readme file can be
found in the Ginareg directory on the installation CD.
Important Notes before Installing or Upgrading:
When upgrading from previous versions, you must uninstall the previous version through
Add/Remove programs and then install this version. You must have your configuration smartcard
to restore your security settings.
This installation only supports English language.
SafeNet will not work correctly (and sometimes even Blue Screen) when 3Com's Smart Agent
Network Management Software is installed on your computer.
If you are using a 3Com adapter and running the Smart Agent software; before installing SafeNet,
remove the 3Com software, then go to 3Com's web page and get the correct driver for you
adapter that does not include or require 3Com's Smart Agent software. Install the driver, reboot,
then load SafeNet
Windows OS Compatibility:
This version has been tested and is compatible with Windows 95 (Version 4.00.950 B, 4.00.950C),
Windows 98(98, 98 SE), Windows NT 4.0 (SP4, SP5, SP6). Due to non-Y2K compliance, the following
versions are no longer tested: Windows 95 (Version 4.00.950, 4.00.950a) and Windows NT 4.0 SP3.
Known Issues
Following lists issues known at time of release; issues classified as Critical (C) indicates no reasonable
workaround exists, Significant (S) indicate reasonable workaround exists and issues classified as Inconvenient (I)
indicate lowest level priority problems. All Open Issues are prioritized and input into future releases when
No PCMCIA reader support for Windows 2000
Symptom: The software drivers and PCMCIA readers will not install on a
Windows 2000 laptop/notebook.
Workaround: SafeNet Smart-D can be used until this issue is resolved.
Datakey 330 Smartcard not supported by SCM or PCM readers.
Symptom: When attempting to load the configuration from a Datakey 330
smartcard, the error “Smartcard reset failure” occurs.
Workaround: This issue should only affect users upgrading from a previous
versions of Smart-P. New installations will include the Tritheim readers and
will support the Datakey 330 cards.
Secure public key session is maintained when smartcard is removed.
Symptom: During a public key session with a generic peer rule, the secure
session is maintained (PIN is cleared from icon, but key is not) after the
smartcard is removed.
Workaround: Use a static peer rule with public key configurations.
Using the Repair process of Install Shield causes multiple SafeNet icons
in the taskbar.
Symptom: When the Repair option is selected, two or more icons will be
created in the taskbar.
Workaround: Do not use this option. If corrupted files are suspected, select
the Remove option and re-install software.
Message authentication errors occur sometimes on FTP uploads on
Windows 98
Symptom: Message authentication errors occur sometimes when an FTP is
performed from a Windows 98 workstation.
Workaround: No action required by user.
UA GUI can be hidden by other applications on Win98
Symptom: UA PIN entry GUI does not always stay on top of other windows in
Workaround: User must minimize other windows to access UA PIN entry
Japanese install splash screen displays characters sideways
Symptom: The first install splash screen on the multi-lingual version displays
some characters sideways.
Windows 95 hangs on shutdown after installing DUN 1.3 with client
Symptom: Installing DUN 1.3 after client is installed causes Windows 95 to
hang on shutdown. Not sure if this is a DN problem or Safenet.
Workaround: Uninstall SafeNet before upgrading to DUN 1.3.
Compatibility Issues:
Following compatibility items require the specified workaround to be done.
DNE used by SafeNet is incompatible with Microsoft's connection manager
Description:The auto setup part of Microsoft's MSN package is incompatible with intermediate drivers
between the dialup adapter and TCP/IP. The result is that connection manager will attempt to re-add
TCP/IP ad infinitum, until the max instance value is reached. DNE works fine with Microsoft Dialup
adapter and TCP/IP, and Internet Explorer 4.0, and all other components of MSN except the connection
Workaround: MSN users will have no problems if they configure the Dialup adapter and TCP/IP and
Internet explorer manually. For example, if the adapter and TCP/IP are loaded before installing MSN, the
Microsoft Connection manager detects that the dial-up adapter is already installed and continues with the
MSN installation. SafeNet can be loaded before or after MSN if the dial-up adapter and TCP/IP are
installed manually.
DNE and Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing for Windows 98 Second edition are incompatible.
Description:If you attempt to install DNE over ICS or vice versa, a dialog will be shown, and DNE will not
install, or be automatically uninstalled. To check for ICS, look for the key:
Workaround:If this key is present, inform the user to remove ICS and try installation again.
3Com Smart Agent Software Compatibility
Description: SafeNet will not install properly if 3Com’s Smart Agent software is loaded on the machine
before installing SafeNet.
Workaround: Smart Agent software must be installed after SafeNet.
NT Plug and Play Drivers
Description: Laptops running NT where the manufacturer has tried to create Plug 'n Play support via a
custom utility. NT does not support Plug 'n Play and DNE can't work with these custom, non-standard,
non-NDIS-compliant utilities. We do support Plug 'n Play on W2K and 95/98.
Workaround: In the case of the laptop utilities, you must disable the utility and get the latest NIC driver
from the vendor (not the special pre-packaged one that the laptop vendor supplies with the utility).
Addressed issues:
Issues addressed in 4.0.6:
3859 (S) Master key not loaded from Gemplus IDC-DP smartcard.
Issues addressed in 4.0.4:
2322 (S) Memory leaks during public key negotiations.
Issues addressed in 3.1.8:
3181 (S) Client cannot load UA PIN prior to NT domain logon.
Issues addressed in 3.1.6:
2238 (I) Secure NT Domain logon does not work with VRS enabled
2825 (S) Modified to avoid a configuration download if a local configuration fails.
2850 (S) Clearing keys on lost interfaces
2851 (S) Sending Events on new interfaces to S/SC
Issues addressed in 3.1.5:
3006 (C) BSOD occurs when Soft-PK installed on machine with Token Ring Card
Issues addressed in 3.1.4:
2065 (C) Microsoft networking not working for NT Dial-up for clear and encrypted access
2404 (C) Cannot connect via a PPTP connection with SafeNet installed
2661 (S) Unable to install Soft-PK on NT 4.0 machine with Service Pack 5 loaded
2651: (I) Downloads from non-current S/SC’s not processed properly
2420: (I) Japanese Uninstall is in English
2695: (I) Pin Clear doesn’t work in Public Key
2538: (S) Main Modes not restarted after smartcard removed/inserted.
1942: (E) "Logoff after _ minutes" changed to "Clear Pin after _ minutes".
2676 (S) PIN retention is not functional using "Logon using Dial-up Networking" on NT