Thursday 20th November 2014 Dear RFA Families, Another busy

Thursday 20th November 2014
Dear RFA Families,
Another busy week as flown by which opened with Anti-bullying week being launched in
assembly. The children discussed different forms bullying can take and what they can do in
response to any bullying behaviour. We also discussed why it might happen and the importance
of this year’s theme ‘Stop Bullying for All’. The children were thrilled with their wristbands and
are wearing them proudly. Our three school rules are also embossed on the band as a reminder
that if we follow these then bullying should be a very rare occurrence in our school. The children
have been immersed in theme throughout the week based on some lovely texts carefully chosen by Miss Bird. Ask your
children what they have learnt from how the animals treated Gerald the Giraffe (Reception classes), what exactly is an
‘Aye Aye’ (Year 1), and why Eric was a hero (Year 2).
Phonics workshops
Thank you to all those parents who re-arranged their schedules to attend the phonics workshops
today. I received positive feedback from parents in the workshop I was running and those who I saw
leaving the various halls. Please take the time to work with your children using the activity packs
that you helped make. You should not underestimate the impact this will have on the children’s
overall achievement in school. Thank you to Mrs Elliott for all her hard work in arranging the day.
Children in need
Thank you to all the RFA parents, children and staff for your
superb effort and support in dressing up for ‘Children in Need’
last week. All of the superhero costumes looked great! We raised
an amazing £232.87.
Sicily Trip
Although they were missed (and I’m sure they missed us!), Miss French and Miss Yogarajah
had a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Sicily last week. It was both inspiring and educational. The
Children at the Palermo school in Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed learning the story ‘We’re going
on a bear hunt’ and had a go at retelling it in English using actions! We are excited to have
created a professional partnership in which both schools are sharing their skills and
Junk play workshop
One of our parents has kindly volunteered to run a free of charge junk play workshop after school on Wednesday 26th
November. The aim is to support self-directed play as when children play this way, they:
 Figure out things for themselves.
 Learn how to take healthy risks.
 Find innovative ways to think about the world and how it works, based on their own self-led,
intrinsically motivated interests.
 Practice necessary skills such as overcoming obstacles, creative problem solving (on their own
or with other children), communicating their feelings effectively with others, and working
with those who may have difference points of view.
Places are limited and will be on a first come first served basis. Please sign up at the office and they will confirm whether
you have secured a space.
Parent Review meetings
If you haven’t already done so please arrange an appointment for the Parent Review meetings on the 9 th and 10th
December. It is important that all parents attend to meet their child’s teacher and to discuss their child’s progress. Be
sure to book an appointment with your class teacher, a list is available on your child’s classroom door.
After-school activity club performances
Children in the drama club run by Firecracker Theatre have been busy practicing a performance of Cinderella. They will
be sharing this with the school as part of Family Assembly on Friday 12th December. Street dance and Ballet also hope to
share their skills on Friday 5th. We can’t wait.
Nativity plays & Christmas celebrations
Miss French is busily getting preparations underway for the Nativity performance this year. The whole school will be in
one cast but there will be just two performances, morning and afternoon. This will be a ticketed event- more
information coming soon. Christmas dinner will be served to the children on the 18th December during the normal lunch
hour. If you do not want your child to take part in Christmas celebrations on religious grounds please inform the class
Parking complaints
Unfortunately the matter of parking around the school continues to be a cause for complaint for the residents of
Northway and Brampton roads. In particular there are repeated incidents of cars being parked in disabled bays and cars
blocking driveways. While I appreciate that the school is located in a difficult location for parking I must stress again to
all parents who need to drive their children to school to please be considerate of where and how you are parking in and
around the school premises. Thank you for your support in this matter.
School trip contributions
It has become a tradition in our school to take the children to the Theatre at the end of the Autumn term. It is a lovely
treat for the children and they get a lot out of watching performances on stage. Although the school heavily subsidises
the cost we do rely on parents making a donation towards the trip. I appreciate that in some cases there is genuine
hardship – please speak in confidence with Debbie in the office about this. However, I know that some parents take the
view that they don’t have to pay so they won’t. It will be such a shame if we can no longer book exciting trips out for
our children because of this.
Afterschool club activities
We are looking forward to another term full of fun after-school activities for the children to
enjoy. A copy of the spring term application form can be found in your child’s book bag.
Please think carefully about the activities you will select, it is important that the activity you
select is one your child will enjoy and participate in. Forms are not to be handed in until
Monday 24th November. Don’t forget to sign up early as spaces go very quickly.
Michelle Rosemond, Head teacher
Key upcoming dates
 Friday 5th December- Street Dance and Drama club performances in Family Assembly
 Tuesday 9th / Wednesday 10th December – Parent Review meetings
 Friday 12th December – Drama club performance ‘Cinderella’ in Family Assembly
 Tuesday 16th December – Nativity Performances
 Wednesday 17th December – Theatre trips
 Thursday 18th December – Christmas dinner & PTA Winter Fayre
 Friday 19 December – last day of term (school closes at 1pm)