Social Studies Chapter 5: Newcomers Settle

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Social Studies Chapter 5: Newcomers Settle
Lesson 1: Settlers in St. Louis
A. St. Louis’s First Years
1. St. Louis began as a __________________________________________ on the
2. Its location, close to where the ______________________________________ and
_____________________________ Rivers meet, helped it ______________________.
B. Newcomers Arrive
*** goods – things that people buy or sell
1. Rivers were used to move _____________________ and ______________________.
2. As St. Louis became bigger, it was the starting point for settlers moving ________________.
3. In St. Louis, pioneers and settlers:
a. _____________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________
c. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _______________________ and ______________________ soon were used for transportation.
C. Business Boosts St. Louis
*** service – work that someone does for other people
*** entrepreneur – a person who takes a risk and starts a business and invests money in it
*** profit – the amount of money a business earns after its costs are paid
1. St. Louis’s __________________________ grew as more people came to St. Louis.
2. They didn’t need just goods, but also __________________________________.
3. ________________________________ started businesses to supply these goods and services:
a. ______________________________________________________________________
b. ______________________________________________________________________
c. ______________________________________________________________________
d. ______________________________________________________________________
e. ______________________________________________________________________
4. Entrepreneurs wanted and needed to make a _______________________________ by selling
their goods and services.
D. St. Louis Today
1. St. Louis is still a busy place and is the _________________________ largest city in Missouri.
***line graph –a type of graph that uses dots and lines to show how something changes over time
1. A line graph usually shows the change in the ________________________________________
over a certain _______________________________________________.
Lesson 2: Moving West
A. Transportation in the 1800s
*** transportation – the way people or things are carried from place to place
1. People moved west to ________________________________ and ______________________.
2. They used many forms of ____________________________ to move themselves and supplies:
B. Steamboats and Railroads
*** steam engine – a machine that turns steam into power
*** railroad – a track with two steel rails on which trains move
1. The ______________________________________, which uses __________________ for
power made transportation ______________________.
2. In 1807, __________________________________________ built the ____________________
_______________________________ .
3. Steam engines were soon used in ___________________________ that ran on
___________________________________ that had been built in the East.
C. Communication in the 1800s
*** telegraph – a machine that sends signals by electricity
1. Communication is the way people pass _____________________________ to each other.
2. ___________________________________ helped invent the ___________________________
that was used to send information more quickly in the East.
3. Electric signals were sent along _____________________ stretched between telegraph stations.
4. Communication and transportation were _______________________ in the _______________.
5. News was passed along by _______________________ and ___________________________.
6. Then the ________________________________, a group of young horseback riders that
carried mail, began delivering mail between Missouri and California.
D. Linking East and West
1. In 1861, the Pony Express ended because the first ____________________________________
was built across the ______________________________.
2. In 1869, a _____________________________ from the East to West coasts was completed.
*** map scale – symbols that help to measure distances on a map
1. For example, one inch on the map scale is equal to 300 miles of distance on the map.