2 Phet simulations: name____________ Electric field hockey 1

2 Phet simulations: name____________ Electric field hockey 1) Notice that the behavior of the puck in this game demonstrates that electric force is attractive between unlike charges and repulsive between like charges. 2) Notice also how electric force changes when we add more charge and when the charges are closer together. 3) Be sure to check the ‘Field’ box at the bottom of the screen to show a representation of the electric field. Look at fields created by a single positive charge and a single negative charge. Describe the electric field of a charge. Where is it strong? Where does it point? 4) Put more than one charge on the screen, and look at the combined fields. What does electric field tell us about electric Force? Balloons and Static Electricity: 1) Rub the balloon on the sweater and bring it to the wall. a. What affect does the charged balloon have on the charges in the wall? b. Why does the balloon stick to the wall (this really works; try it sometime)?