Ghana*s Decline 6.1

Ghana’s Decline
By Cheyenne, Sierra, and Frank
Mid 1000s= Ghana was rich and powerful
End of 1200s= empire collapsed
Invasion= Almoravids weakened the empire
Overgrazing= Almoravid’s animals ruined fields
for farming; weakening empire
• Internal Rebellion= past conquests result in
rebellion; weakening empire
The Invasion
• 1060s= Muslim Group (Almoravids) invaded
• Almoravids’ goal= convert Ghana’s leaders to
• Battle went on 14 yrs= Almoravids take over
and destroys Koumbi Saleh (the city)
• Almoravids control= weakened empire by
cutting off trade routes
• Almoravids move in- bringing their animals to
the farming grounds
• All of the animals eat the fields, ruining any
chance of farming
• Dry winds & exposed soil= destroyed fields
• The farmers ended having to search for new
Internal Rebellion
• 1200= people of a conquered country that
Ghana had defeated, rebelled
• Outcome= rebels take over
• The rebels can’t control the empire=
neighbors of Ghana attacked, defeating
Ghana’s empire
• The empire falls apart
• After hearing about the rise and fall of Ghana,
a new empire was created, Mali.
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