Math 1552 Calculus II Section 14 Spring 2014 Instructor: Eyad Said

Math 1552
Calculus II
Section 14
Spring 2014
Instructor: Eyad Said, O¢ ce: 355 Lockett Hall, Email: [email protected]
Class Time and Location: M, T, W, Th: 2:30-3:20, 116 Lockett Hall.
Monday 3:30 - 4:30
O¢ ce Hours:
or by appointment.
Friday 12:30 - 1:30
Text Book: Calculus, Early Transcendentals 7th Edition by James Stewart,
Material: The material that this course will cover can be found here:
Grading: There will be 3 100-points exams worth 50% of the …nal grade.
WebAssign Homeworks worth 20% of the …nal grade.
Quizzes (4 approximately) worth 10% of the …nal grade.
A Final comprehensive Exam worth 20% of the …nal grade.
Exams’Dates: First exam will take place in the week 10 - 14 February.
Second exam will take place in the week 10 - 14 March.
Third exam will take place in the week 21 - 25 April.
Final Exam Date: The …nal exam will take place on Thursday May-8,
7:30 - 9:30 am in the same room of the class.
Class Rules: Cell phones, pagers, text messaging, alarm watches, or any
other electronic class disruptions will not be tolerated. Please turn them o¤
before class begins.
Collaboration in doing homeworks and doing study groups to prepare for exams and quizzes are very encouraged, however, your answers for any homework,
quiz or exam should always be your own, any communication or consulting references (books, internet ...etc.) during an exam is absolutely forbidden and will
be reported to the O¢ ce of the Dean of Students.
Quizzes will be announced two days before, a solution will also be posted
You are responsible to take notes of in-class announcements, knowing the
due date of the WebAssign homeworks and quizzes times. Check the instructor’s
webpage regularly for announcements.
This is a 4 credit hour course, you are all expected to work hard for this, fail
to prepare and prepare to fail. On the other hand, you are highly encouraged
to make advantage of the o¢ ce hours, all your Calculus questions are welcome
and will be answered, please do come and ask.
One …nal note, Make ups are only there for legitimate reasons, do not count
on make ups, study on a daily basis, prepare for your exams, come to the o¢ ce
hours and you will ace this course.