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avande Spa & Boutique was created for one reason: to satisfy your desires. Here, we
satisfy your desire to relax, your desire to be beautiful and healthy, and your desire to
shop. Every treatment in our spa is designed to satisfy your specific needs.
Our facility includes separate women’s and men’s locker rooms with spa robes and slippers,
as well as an array of hair and body care amenities. Each locker room has a cedar wood
sauna and two luscious rain forest showers to calm your body and mind. In addition to that,
the women’s locker room has a eucalyptus steam room. If you prefer to socialize with
friends or loved ones, we also have a co-ed relaxation lounge with a Jacuzzi.
Our boutique was designed to satisfy your craving for beautiful shoes. With three hundred
styles and thirty brands our knowledgeable staff will help you find the pair you love.
Immerse yourself in relaxation with the magic touch of our skilled massage therapists.
Our highly trained therapists are very experienced in their respective modalities. Combined
with our warm and soothing ambiance, we give you a one-of-a-kind massage experience.
Swedish Massage
This therapy alleviates your sore muscles and joints. It releases tension, detoxifies skin and
increases circulation.
50 minutes 65.* 80 minutes 97.* (Purchase of two massages required)
Single 50 minute massage 86. Single 80 minute massage 127.
Deep Tissue Massage
Penetrating deeper
. layers of muscle, this therapy reduces or eliminates chronic tension and
bodily discomfort
50 minutes 6 5.* 80 minutes 97.* (Purchase of two massages required)
Single 50 minute massage 86. Single 80 minute massage 127.
Aroma-Nirvana Massage
Combining aromatherapy
with Swedish massage, this therapy takes you to the height of
relaxation. Blended essential oils are mixed with massage oils to help you unwind and
regain energy
50 minutes 86. 80 minutes 127 .
Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones used with a therapeutic massage promote relaxation and restore fatigued
50 minutes 86. 80 minutes 127 .
Sport Massage
This therapy tones muscle and alleviates soreness for sport lovers, an excellent treat after
a workout session.
50 minutes 86. 80 minutes 127.
Couple’s Massage
Two therapists will serve you and your partner or friend simultaneously. Share the relaxing
For two people: 50 minutes 130. 80 minutes 190.
* Prices are subject to change without notice. A massage card will be issued for the second massage.
No refund, exchange, return nor substitution for other services. Redeemable only at the Lafayette
location. The second massage must be used within one year. Lost, stolen, or damaged card is not
replaceable. This card is for one time use only. It must be used by the individual identified on the card.
Driver license will be required. Appointment is recommended in weekends.
Lavande Aroma Facial
Soothe your senses and rejuvenate your skin with our aroma facial. Natural botanicals
combined with aromatherapy will leave both your spirit and skin transformed and rejuvenated.
This facial is uniquely customized for your skin care needs. 50 minutes 73.
Express Facial
This mini-facial is a quick way to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. The 25-minute treatment
includes steaming, cleansing, and moisturizing.
Purifying Facial
50 minutes 35.
Designed to treat acne and problematic skin, this treatment incorporates deep cleansing,
exfoliation, extractions, and targeted clinical-grade formulas to treat and clarify congested
skin, while helping to prevent future blemishes and acne
50 minutes 80.
A series of six treatments is recommended for optimal results. 450.
Vitamin C Facial
Combining Vitamin C with DAE complex to restore skin texture, elasticity, and firmness, this
focused treatment will produce a radiant complexion. Your skin tones will appear even and
noticeably healthier. 50 minutes 88.
Anti-Aging Facial
This specially formulated facial fights free radicals, lines and wrinkles. Using collagen
combined with active ingredients to give your skin an instant boost of hydration
this unique facial revitalizes the skin and leaves it noticeably supple and lifted. Eye contour
and hand treatments are included to give you a complete youthful appearance and energy.
80 minutes 134.
Resurface the deep layer of .skin and improve skin’s texture, clarity and translucence by
stimulating collagen production. Microdermabrasion is great for reducing signs of aging,
sun-damage and acne scars
40 minutes 95.
A series of six treatments is recommended for optimal results 550.
Teen Facial
This exquisite facial helps promote healthy skin and positive skin care .habits. Our expert
estheticians will analyze and address the challenges of teenage skin through education.
We will also recommend a home-care system to maintain healthy skin
40 minutes 58.
Gentlemen’s Facial
Designed specifically for men who want to relax and refresh. This treatment begins with
deep cleansing followed by an exfoliating enzyme peel and extractions. A relaxing face, neck
and shoulder massage with essential oils then balance the skin. This fabulous treatment
concludes with a soothing masque to hydrate and nourish your skin.
50 minutes 8 6.
Anti-Aging Peels
Blueberry Smoothie Peel
This deliciously refreshing scrub that invigorates the skin with the use of a gentle acid, and
active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without visible irritation.
This light chemical peel is an exceptional acne treatment. 63.
Pomegranate Peel
This peel lavishes your skin with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support
the life span of healthy cells. Working to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly
stimulate collagen, the Pomegranate Peel is specially designed for hyperpigmentation and
sun-damaged skin. 71.
Benefit Peel
This is the peel for everyone regardless of skin type or skin condition. Its antioxidant delivers
vital nutrients into the skin. It also has the calming, healing benefits of vitamin C. Best for
cosmetic acne, sensitive skin, rosacea and photodamage. 93.
Purity Peel
This intense formulation is designed to penetrate oil to correct skin conditions such as
acne and enlarged pores. It clears the skin of blemishes and heals acne lesions, reduces
inflammation and exfoliates the skin to reveal a glowing, dewy complexion. Designed for
acne and oily skins. 116.
Timeless Peel
This is the best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging. It contains 30% chirally
corrected L-Retinol A to generate immense activity in the skin. This enormously effective
deep peel works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells, increases cell turnover and
removes layers of dead skin.Prep kit included. 206.
Add moisturizing warm paraffin treatment to soften hands or feet. 15.
Body Treatments
Lavander Body Scrub
relaxing treatment that undoes the fatigue accumulated in your body. Your body is
revitalized by an exfoliation with a lavender sugar scrub. The lavender scent will calm
and soothe your body and mind. 75.
Sage Mint Body Scrub
Refresh and revitalize your body. You are gently exfoliated by a sage mint scrub that
removes dead surface skin and encourages the regeneration of new healthy skin. 75.
Herbal Mud Wrap with Scalp Massage
De-stress and detoxify your body. This body wrap opens the pores, extracts toxins in your
body and encourages your body to absorb nutrients in the mud. A scalp massage will
perfect the relaxation when you are in the wrap. 95.
Airbrush Tanning
Get a healthy tan without the damage from the UV sunlight. We recommend our Lavender
or Sage Mint Body Scrub prior to tanning for the best result. Showering is not recommended
for 6-8 hours after tanning. 50.
Polish and Tan
Rejuvenate your body and give yourself a healthy gold tan! This package has a relaxing
lavender body scrub, followed by an airbrush tanning treatment. 115.
Pedicure Treatments
All spa pedicure treatments are multi-step pampering rituals that include cleansing, shaping,
cuticle care, nourishing, massage, and buff or polish.
Signature Pedicure
Beautify your feet and release all of your tension. Your feet are soaked in our aromatherapeutic foaming bath and gently exfoliated. Your cuticles are perfected, your feet and calves
are massaged, and your nails are clipped, reshaped, buffed and/or polished. 27.
Lavande Deluxe Pedicure
Relax your soul while bathing your feet in a lavender aromatherapy bath with fresh mint
and slices of cucumber. Treat your skin to a softening exfoliation with lavender sugar scrub.
Top it off with a soothing toe to knee massage leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. 31.
Rosy Rosie Pedicure
Outrageously romantic, this beautiful treatment begins with a bath filled with fresh rose
petals and a fragrant blend of rose, lavender, and eucalyptus oils to uplift your spirit and
rejuvenate your feet. Then enjoy the ultimate scrub with sea salt and botanical nutrients
that tone and polish the skin for lasting glow. 36.
Sweet Almond Latte Pedicure
Indulge your feet in a warm milk bath with a hint of vanilla and fresh rose petals. Enjoy an
exfoliation treatment with honey almond scrub to reveal refreshed and glowing skin. Relax
to a dreamy massage with shea butter cream. Finally, nourish your feet with warm paraffin
giving them an ultra-hydrated and soft finish. 44.
Refresh-mint Pedicure
Arouse your senses and revitalize your sore muscles. Your tired feet will emerge refreshed
and soft after a bath with fresh mint and eucalyptus, sweet orange, and tea tree oils. Relax
your overworked muscles with an energizing massage and rediscover your soft skin with
intensive callus refining treatment. 33.
Like Water for Chocolate Pedicure
A luxurious cocoa milk bath with a hint of vanilla will warm your feet and heart with its
delicious aromatic scent. Your feet will be treated with an exfoliating chocolate scrub giving
them a refreshed and radiant glow. It is followed by a Dead Sea mud wrap to detoxify your
skin and restore your energy. Finally, a soothing massage with Swiss cocoa mousse cream
completes the ultimate pampering experience. 43.
Little Princess Manicure and Pedicure
Designed for your little one this treatment will make her feel and look like a princess.
A princess crown is also included. Only for children under ten. 30.
Manicure Treatments
All spa manicure treatments include cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage,
and buff or polish.
Signature Manicure
A relaxing and refreshing treatment for the hands. Your fingers are soaked in an aromatherapeutic foaming bath. The nails are reshaped, cuticles are cleaned up, and the hands
are massaged with a refreshing warm lotion. 14.
Lavande Extra Manicure
This is the ultimate relaxation manicure. Bathe your hands in a lavender aromatherapy soak.
Release your tension as a gentle exfoliation exposes your new smooth skin. The treatment
is completed with a shea butter cream massage. 16.
Fresh Start Manicure
Wash away the fatigue in your hands. A fresh mint bath with essential oils enlivens the
sensations in your hands. A hand peel then removes dead skin leaving hands fresh and
baby-smooth. The treatment completes with a soothing massage. 20.
Rosy Rosie Manicure
A bath of rose petals, rose essential oil, milk protein, and fresh mint will soften your hands
and refresh your cuticle. It is followed by a rose and citrus exfoliation to reveal your vibrant
new skin. Then we tone your hands with rose water mist. Finally top it off with a relaxing
hand-to-elbow massage. 22.
French +5.
Design +5 & up each nail.
Paraffin (Hands or Feet) 20.
French Polish Change 13.
Polish Change 10.
Artificial Nails
Acrylic Fills 35.
Acrylic Full Set 45.
Gel Fills 40.
Gel Full Set 52.
Silk Wrap Fills 40.
Silk Wrap Full Set 50.
Pink & White Fills 45.
Pink & White Full Set 55.
Single Tip 10.
Polish Change 10.
French Polish Change 13.
Take-off 20.
Shellac with Manicure 35.
Shellac Take-off 10.
Shellac with Pedicure 51.
Waxing & Tinting
Lips 10.
Brows 15.
Brows Design 20.
Chin 13.
Brows + Lips 20.
Brows + Lips + Chin 28.
Forehead 16.
Sideburns 14.
Cheeks 20.
Under arms 17.
Half Arms 19.
Full Arms 31.
Chest 27 & up.
Back 35 & up.
Bikini–Plain 24 & up.
Bikini–Extended 31 & up.
Bikini–Brazilian 43 & up.
Bikini–Take-it-all 50 & up.
Half Legs ( Lower ) 28 & up.
Half Legs ( Upper ) 32 & up.
Full Legs 47 & up.
Full Legs & Bikini 65 & up.
We regret that waxing services cannot be performed on clients taking Accutane, Retin A, or any
antibiotics due to the sensitivity of the skin.
Please allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using tanning bed after waxing, as your skin may still
be sensitive.
Spa Packages
Mother Daughter
Enjoy a special day with your mom or daughter. Pamper her and yourself with our Rosy
Rosie manicure and pedicure.
For two people: 1 hour 139.
enew, revive and refresh your mind and spirit with our 50-minute Swedish massage and
Lavande aroma facial.
2 hours 185.
Pamper Me!
egin with a lavender body scrub, followed by a 50-minute Swedish massage and our
signature manicure and pedicure.
2.5 hours 205.
Beautiful Bride
etting you ready for your most important day, this package starts with a relaxing herbal
mud wrap, followed by our aroma facial. You will finish with our beautifying signature
manicure and pedicure. 3 hours 225.
Side by Side
This perfect package for couples allows you to “spa” together in our specially designed
couples treatment room. Unwind with an aromatherapy bubble bath filled with fresh rose
petals. The spa is followed by 50 minutes of Swedish massage shared side-by-side.
1.5 hours 280.
Pure Indulgence
erfect for a short getaway your journey begins with our detoxifying herbal mud wrap,
followed by the relaxing Aroma-Nirvana massage. Our vitamin C facial then rejuvenates
your skin. Your indulgence is completed with the decadent sweet almond latte pedicure.
3.5 hours 355.
Lavande Spa & Boutique
589 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayatte, CA 94549
Hours: Monday–Thursday 10am–7pm, Friday–Sunday 9am–7pm
lease call 925-299-8877 to make reservations. Advanced reservations are recommended
to secure your preferred time and treatment.
Gift Cards
hat can be a better gift to your friends and family than a pampering experience at Lavande!
You can purchase gift cards at the spa or by phone.
Private Parties
rrange your bridal shower, birthday party, or any special occasion at Lavande for your
friends and family. This will be a unique and exciting experience to share and remember for
a very long time! Please inquire with our spa managers.
Cancellation and Late Policy
redit card is required for reservations over $65. Cancellations or changes must be made
no less than 24 hours prior to your treatment or 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.
For no-show appointments, the full treatment fee will be charged. If you are late to your
appointment, your treatment time will be reduced to finish on time so that the next appointment will not be delayed.
Facility Fee
here is no charge to use the spa facility with any service over $50. Otherwise a $15
is charged.
Minimum Age
With the exception of Teen Facial, massage, skin and body treatments and the spa
facility are appropriate only for guests 18 years and older. Guests under the age of 18
must be accompanied by an adult. They are welcomed to use our nail service and shop in our boutique.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled spa appointment to allow enough
time to change into spa attire and relax in our relaxation lounge. For nails, waxing or tinting
appointments, please arrive 5 minutes prior. If you are using the spa facility, robes, sandals,
towels and lockers are provided. We recommend that you do not bring any valuable belongings since the spa is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
What to Wear During a Treatment
Lavande does not require any dress code. It is recommended during a facial, body treatment
and massage that those treatments are enjoyed without clothing although undergarments
may be worn if preferred. Professional draping is performed throughout the duration of the
service for privacy.
Gratuities are at the guest’s discretion and appreciated by the staff for outstanding service.
Guests who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, are pregnant, have had recent
surgery, or have any other medical concerns are advised to consult their doctor before
booking spa services or using any spa facilities. Please advise us of any medical condition
or allergy so that we can tailor the treatment for you.
Customer Requests
You may request a specific gender massage therapist and/or esthetician while booking an
appointment. We cannot guarantee that we will have your request available at all times.
Our employees are trained to respect the privacy of our guests and to create a comfortable
relaxing environment for all.
Cell Phone Policy
For the comfort of all our guests, we ask you to turn off your cell phones and pagers.
3589 Mt. Diablo Blvd. • Lafayette, CA 94549 • 925.299.8877
Hours: Monday–Thursday 10am–7pm, Friday–Sunday 9am–7pm •