Week 5 Discussion Questions for The Scarlet Letter, Introduction

Week 5
Discussion Questions for The Scarlet Letter, Introduction through Chapter IX.
In your consideration of these questions, identify textual evidence that supports your
1. Nathaniel Hawthorne, a direct descendent of New England Puritans, is clearly
negative toward Puritanism, especially their intolerance and hypocrisy. Find
passages in which Hawthorne is being critical of his ancestors.
2. Hester’s scarlet letter “A” separates her from her Boston community. Ironically,
Hester Prynne seems to stand apart because of her unique character anyway (even
before the letter). How is Hester unique in the novel?
3. How would you describe these other characters? Chillingworth, Dimmesdale,
4. The novel is highly symbolic. What might these symbols represent? Why?
The scarlet letter itself
The rose-bush
The scaffold
The wilderness
The color red
Select one of these discussion questions and expand it into a mini-essay of approximately
two pages. Use evidence from the text, and adhere to MLA style guidelines regarding
manuscript preparation and documentation of sources. Also, copy and paste your miniessay to the turnitin discussion board.