A The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter
Light and Dark:
Appearance Vs Reality:
Journal Entries: Answer the following in one page:
1. Sometimes people hear things about a book before
they have read it. What have you heard about the
Scarlet Letter? What do you think the book is about?
What conflicts do you think the book will explore?
Breaking Society’s Rules:
2. How would you describe a “sin of passion” and a “sin
of principle?” What are the differences? Should
punishment be the same?
3. Describe Pearl. What is she like? Does she belong
in a Puritan society? What does he involvement in the
story suggest about Puritan society in general?
4. After having read the novel, what would you say is
the “moral” or “lesson” of the story?
Hester Prynne
Writing Assignment_____________________
Choose one of the below writing assignments. Make it
clean, thoughtful, and have fun!
Roger Chillingworth
Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale
1. Write an editorial for the local Puritan newspaper
about Hester Prynne. An editorial is the opinion of
the writer, so you may write from the perspective of
condemning her, or defending her:
a. 1 page in length
b. Include a “picture” of Hester on the scaffold
c. Editorial content may include:
i. Explanation of her offenses (why
they are so grievous)
ii. Explanation of her punishment
(too light? too harsh?)
iii. What the community has learned
from her?
iv. Speculate who the father is? Why
won’t she tell?
--------- OR ---------
Governor Bellingham
Mistress Hibbins
Reverend Mr. John Wilson
2. Journal as Hester Prynne or Arthur Dimmesdale
or Roger Chillingworth:
a. Make a “journal”
i. create an aged book, use a
handwriting font
b. 4 good, thoughtful Journal Entries
minimum (1 full paragraph each)!
i. Date
ii. Discuss how you feel, what is
happening, the town’s reaction, etc.
iii. Sign after each entry and place
your “seal” after your name
(remember, you are writing as that