Scarlet Letter Study Guide

Scarlet Letter Study Guide
Use this study guide to help you prepare for the Scarlet Letter final test.
1. Review your study guide questions
2. Review the themes of the book
a. Sin- Hester, Dimmesdale, Chillingworth; exposed sin v. hidden sin;
the effects sin has on a person
b. Evil- the Black Man, Chillingworth, the forest/wilderness
c. Public Guilt vs. Private Guilt
d. Punishment vs. Forgiveness
3. Symbols- What do these symbols represent. How? Why?
a. The scarlet letter
b. Pearl
c. The meteor across the sky
4. Review essential questions. Be able to relate then to the story.
a. What is courage?
b. What external circumstances and influences cause a person to act
c. What obstacles or pressures do courageous people face as a result of
their positions and actions
d. How does one person’s courage (or lack thereof) affect other people?