Memory - Morgan

Ali Morgan Parent of Qadeer ‘08, Member of the Board of Trustees One of my favorite Town memories embodies the spirit of our community. When we applied for admission for our son, Qadeer, back in 1998, we explored many of the great city schools, including Town. The whole admissions process was overwhelming, and those were considered the good days, when 5-­‐6 acceptances was typical. We had our eyes set on Dalton, only to be pleasantly surprised when a 5 year old Qadeer proclaimed Town to be his first choice. He loved the school during his visit and felt comfortable here. Of course our beloved Natasha Sahadi, aka "the closer", left a wonderful message on our voicemail reminding us there was only one choice -­‐ Town! Her personal touch made the difference. Of course we said yes and the rest is history. I also have pleasant memories of all of the wonderful diversity work. When we arrived, people such as Peaches Gillette and Marcia Picciotto, welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home here. From the after school program, to the Diversity committee meetings in the library, we had a "place within the place" to call home. Although the school and the diversity work have grown in many ways from those days, the love and support has always been there and remains today. Town will always be a place where you feel at home. 
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