kirkcaldy quiz league

1. Where would you find a fresco?
2. What was the name in Greek legend of the 9-headed monster, killed by Hercules.
3. What was the name of the Home Secretary who had the Metropolitan
Police Force formed in the 1820s?
4. What’s Andorra’s official language?
5. What was the earlier name of the island of Taiwan, which meant ‘beautiful’ in
6. Which famous ballerina, who died in 2006, was born in Dunfermline?
7. How many claws are there in total on a domestic cat?
8. It’s called La Torre Pendente in its home town’s language. How do we know it?
9. On which Mediterranean island is Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ set?
10 How many white keys are there on a standard piano?
11 What is pomology a study of?
12 The author of ‘Dracula’ was Bram Stoker. What was his proper first name?
13 What is the proper anatomical name for your thumb?
14 In legend, when Pandora had let out all the evils of the world out of her jar
what was the only thing left in it?
15 What was the flight number of the Malaysian airliner which went missing in
March of this year (2014) and is still missing?
16 What was the nationality of the explorer who gave his name to the Bering
Strait between Alaska and Russia?
17 The old Gaelic name for Edinburgh is the same as which New Zealand town?
18 Malus pumila is the proper name of which common fruit?
19 Which politician renounced his title of Viscount Stansgate so that he could serve in
the House of Commons?
20 Which sportsman is nicknamed ‘The Manx Missile’?
21. Which English county is Holland a part of?
22. Which 1951 US novel gets its title from a Burns poem?
23. Which English painter’s middle names were Mallord William?
24. What is digamy?
25. What word connects a 1970s computer program language and the SI unit of
26. Which American President had a suite permanently reserved for him in
Ayrshire’s Culzean Castle as a ‘thank-you’ from the British people?
27. What do you call the board on which an artist would mix their colours?
28. Who is the reigning European Poker Tour champion who doubles as a BBC2
quiz presenter?
29.The River Danube rises in Germany; which 2 countries adjoin its delta (2-parts)
30 How often would a hebdomadal magazine be issued?
31 Which Scottish town is overlooked by McCaig’s Tower?
32 Which Mercury Prize nominated rap act was Mike Skinner behind?
33 In which century was St Andrew’s University founded?
34 Which gritty late-1950s play was set in Salford and features Helen and her
daughter Josephine (Jo)?
35 The world’s first club for which winter sport was established in Edinburgh in
36 Which Victorian Gothic tale was supposedly inspired by the dark history
surrounding Slains Castle near Cruden Bay?
37 In America, what is the state capital of Ohio?
38 Which Nobel Prize was first awarded in 1969?
39 What, according to the saying, will never win a fair lady?
40 What was constructed in Scotland under the supervision of Quintus Urbicus?