Accelerated Algebra 2 Course Syllabus


Accelerated Algebra 2 Course Syllabus


Class Information

Semester 1: August 22, 2011 – January 19, 2012

Semester 2: January 23, 2012 – June 7, 2012

Period 1: Room 211

Period 9: Room 219

Teacher: Mr. Olson

Phone: 847-692-8390

Email: [email protected]

Web Pages

Maine East High School

Textbook Website

North Suburban Math League


Illinois Math League

American Mathematics Competitions

* I encourage


accelerated algebra 2 students to participate in the six Illinois Math League


The six dates are on the following Tuesdays

: October 18, November 15, December

13, January 10, February 14, and March 13. The 30-minute contests are administered at Maine

East before school in room 230 from 6:55 to 7:25 am.


Course Description

Accelerated Algebra 2 is designed for freshmen with exceptional ability and interest in mathematics who have completed the study of Algebra 1. This course is the first in a sequence designed to prepare students for success in Advanced Placement Calculus courses. Topics covered include: Equations and Inequalities; Linear Equations and Functions; System of Linear

Equations and Inequalities; Matrices and Determinants; Quadratic Functions; Polynomials and

Polynomial Functions; Powers, Roots, and Radicals; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions;

Rational Equations and Functions; Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections; Sequences and

Series; Probability and Statistics; and Trigonometric Ratios and Functions; Trigonometric

Graphs, Identities, and equations.

Students who successfully complete Accelerated Algebra 2 will be recommended for

Accelerated Geometry and Trigonometry.

Sequence is then Accelerated Math Analysis junior year and Calculus senior year.


Course Materials Required

Textbook: and Stiff.

Algebra 2

, McDougal Littell, Copyright 2001, by Larson, Boswell, Kanold,

Lab Notebook with Carbon Paper

Pen, Pencil, and Folder

TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator



The semester grade will be based on homework, tests, and the final exam as follows:

Final Exam = 20% Coursework = 80%





The semester grades are given as follows:

A = 90% B = 80% C = 70% D = 60% F = Below 60%

There will be occasional opportunities for extra credit––Illinois Math League Contests, AMC

Contest, NSML Contests, and various assignments.

Grades will be updated on the Parent Portal after each chapter test (about every two weeks or so).



Homework is assigned daily. Each assignment must be done in the lab notebook in duplicate

(only carbon copies will be accepted). You must

show all of your work

and complete the entire homework assignment. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Assignments missed as a result of excused absences may be made up––otherwise late assignments are not accepted.


Math Help

There are many ways for you to get math help––the only requirement is a desire on



Go to Coach Tutoring before school, during school, or after school in room 232.

Go to MRC in the Library periods 1 – 9.

Make an appointment with teacher.


Satisfactory Performance in Class

If a student has been


and is having difficulty in my class, I will recommend a transfer to algebra 2. In most cases he/she will start with a “fresh grade.”

If a student gets a “D” in my class at the end of the first semester, he/she will be placed into algebra 2 for the second semester.

If a student gets a “D” in my class at the end of the second semester, he/she will be placed into

Geometry the following year.

If a student gets an “F” in my class at the end of either semester, he/she will “loop.” This means that he/she will repeat the semester with a different book/teacher and will be required to take three weeks of summer school to complete the course.


Academic Dishonesty

Students are expected to complete all tests and assignments honestly and will not collaborate in dishonest actions. Students will not give or accept answers or assignments unless directed to by the teacher. Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to discipline as stated in the

Student Handbook.