Semester 2 Exam Review

Honors Pre-Calculus
Semester 2 Review
General Tips and Guidelines
(1) The semester exam consists of 40 questions covering sections 5.1-5.3, 6.1-6.5, 7.2-7.8, 9.6-9.7, 12.1-12.5,
and Parametric Equations. The test is 100 points; 20% of the semester grade.
(2) You may use the trigonometric formula sheet with additional notes on the sheet for the exam.
(3) Start studying now! Don’t wait until the day before the exam.
(4) Below is a list of sample questions from each section of the textbook. How you study – the method that
works best for you – is a personal decision. The following is a suggested approach that I would take:
(a) Find out what you know and what you don’t know. The best way to do this is to simply do a few
problems from each section listed. Do not use your notes, and do not look back at previous examples.
(b) Keep a list of sections or problems that caused you difficulty. Do not worry about how to do them
until you have worked through all the sections.
(c) Having completed steps (a) and (b), you should now have a list of the areas that you need to re-learn.
Look back through your notes or the book and write down the formula or steps required to
complete each exercise from your list on a separate sheet of paper.
(d) Using your notes from part (c), try the problems again. Do several until you are confident.
(e) By now you should be able to do all the problems (with or without notes). Do one or two problems
again from each section without using your notes. If you are unable to do a problem without notes,
then you will need to put the formula or method on your notes sheet.
Ideally, you should be able to complete all the problems without the use of any notes (with the
exception of a few necessary formulas). Continue steps (d) and (e) until you are confident with
the material.
Review Problems
p. 417
p. 426
p. 427
p. 439
p. 480
p. 481
p. 490
p. 501
p. 510
p. 518
p. 548
p. 557
p. 579 1-28
p. 600 35-50
p. 600 57-58
p. 609 19-35
p. 782 7-38
p. 788 9-16 (find eccentricity and directrix)
p. 923 3-20
p. 932 19-22
p. 941 3-14
p. 951 13-18
Parametric Equations