week 11

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Language Arts
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Week Eleven: Rebels and Yes-Men—Part II
1. collaborate (verb)
Definition – to work together; to work one with another; to participate with others while
being cooperative
Synonyms: cooperate
Antonyms: disagree
Contrast sample sentence – Unlike Tom who tried to collaborate on the project, Mitch
was disagreeable and refused to cooperate.
2. adhere – (verb) Greek & Latin root: her, hes: cling
Definition – to be devoted in support or allegiance; be attached as a follower, to stand
by, to hold closely or firmly
Synonyms: obey, follow
Antonyms: disregard
Comparison sample sentence – The boy adhered to the school rules just like a soldier
follows his commanding officer’s instructions.
3. hindrance – (noun)
Definition – a person or thing that causes a delay, an interruption or a difficulty
Synonyms - barrier; impediment
Antonyms: assistance; advantage
Comparison sample sentence – Because Rollo was always interrupting the work
during our social studies project, he was a hindrance just like Janelle impeded our
progress during our science project.
4. Greek & Latin root: vert, vers: turn
divert – (verb)
diverting (adjective)
Definition – to draw or turn off to a different course; to distract from serious occupation;
Synonyms: distract
Antonyms: focus, maintain
Comparison Sample sentence – The boy diverted his attention away from the lesson
by making cat noises; similarly the sister distracted her mother, while her twin sneakily
took a box of cookies from the pantry to hide in their room.
5. Greek & Latin de: from, away from, removing, down
deviate – (verb)
Definition – to depart or swerve, as from a procedure, course of action, or acceptable
norm, go astray.
Synonyms: diverge, drift
Antonyms: stay
Comparison Sample sentence – The soldier was dishonorably discharged for deviating
from the general’s plan; similarly, the woman on the assembly line was fired from her job
because she did not follow the company’s safety procedures.
6. adaptable – adjective
Definition - able to adjust oneself readily to different
Synonyms – versatile, changeable
Antonyms – rigid inflexible
Contrast – The adaptable chameleon changed its color for camouflage unlike the rigid
boy who got upset because his schedule changed due to the snow delay.