Lesson Aghast (adjective) Alacrity (noun) Alienate (verb) Allude

Aghast (adjective)
Alacrity (noun)
Definition: liveliness, willingness, eagerness
Synonyms: promptness, readiness
Antonyms: slowness, reluctance
Sentence: He performed his chores with alacrity.
Allude (verb)
Definition: to hint at, to refer to indirectly
Synonyms: suggest, refer, imply
Antonyms: announce, state/say
Sentence: The attorney alluded to a cover-up but
was not very specific.
Definition: feeling great dismay or horror
Synonyms: terrified, horrified, shocked, amazed
Antonyms: unsurprised
Sentence: We were aghast at the sarcastic tone
the teenage girl directed at her parents.
Alienate (verb)
Definition: to make others unfriendly toward you
Synonyms: estrange, turn or set against
Antonyms: unite, join
Sentence: Don’t alienate your neighbors unless
you really like to be alone.
Aloof (adjective)
Definition: reserved, distant
Synonyms: remote, cool, indifferent
Antonyms: warm, friendly
Sentence: The singer looked rather aloof as he
stood on the step signing autographs in a bored