Week 12 - Colts Neck Township Schools

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Language Arts
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Week 12: This is Bound to Happen to You—Part I
Comparison Key Words: similarly, as, likewise, also
Contrast Key Words: but, however, unlike, on the other hand
Definition Key Words: that is, in other words, which is called, which means, or, also known as
Example Key Words: for example, such as, like, including
1. unkempt (adjective)
Definition – to be uncared for or neglected
Synonyms: untidy, messy
Antonyms: neat, tidy, clean
CONTRAST/DEFINITION CC Sample sentence – Bob’s room was always unkempt
and a total mess, unlike his sister’s room which was orderly, clean, and neat.
2. falter – (verb)
Definition – to hesitate or waver in action, purpose, intent, etc; to “mess up”
Synonyms: stumble
Antonyms: maintain, stay
COMPARE Sample CC sentence – During the speech, the president of the student
council faltered over his words because he was nervous; similarly, I messed up the words
during my solo.
CONTRAST CC Sample sentence: Bob faltered over the rug and almost fell on his face,
unlike the dancer who always carried herself smoothly and gracefully. (contrast ccs)
3. digress: (verb)
Greek & Latin root: grad, gress = step
Definition: to stray away from the main topic; to wander in thoughts, ideas, or clarity
Synonyms: deviate, wander, stray
antonyms: focus
Definition context cue sentence: When I was reading The Bobbin Girl to the class, it
reminded me of a movie I saw, so I digressed or deviated the conversation to talk about
the movie, unlike the time, I remained focused on one topic.
4. regret – (verb or noun)
Definition – to feel sorrow or remorse for an act, fault/mistake, disappointment, etc.
Synonyms: grief, sorrow, heartache
Antonyms: contentedness, satisfaction
COMMPARE/EXAMPLE CC Sample sentence – The boy regretted not studying after
earning a 55 on the math test; similarly Zelda felt remorse after being mean to her best
friend and making her cry.
5. chastised – (verb)
Definition – to discipline or criticized severely
Synonyms: punish
Antonyms: praise, comfort, compliment
COMPARE/EXAMPLE CC Sample sentence – When the woman’s boss chastised her in
front of the whole company, she did not appreciate it; similarly Claire hated that Angie,
the head of the clique, criticized everything she did, everything she wore, and everything
she said.